There’s no formula for preparing for what’s ahead.

Here’s what works for us: Small classes. Cutting-edge, innovative learning spaces. A Global curriculum. Experiential learning. And most of all teachers who are experts in understanding the individual strengths, challenges, interests, and motivators of students. Who encourage curiosity, develop empathetic and global outlooks, and build tomorrow’s leaders. Because that’s how you create a better future for us all.

– Laura Riley, Head of Middle School

We teach everything from academics to self-advocacy. What we do goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. We’re a community. Relationships are strong and supportive.

List of 3 items.

  • Discovering how fast hair grows.

    That’s a quote and a promise from Mike Rice, long-time Upper School science instructor. He’s growing out his hair in the name of science education.
  • Engineering better cookies

    Mrs. Waite’s Kindergarten class explored the intersection of creativity, cooking, and technology by designing their own 3-D cookie cutters in the Wonder Lab.
  • Experiencing U.S. Government at the epicenter.

    Eighth grade U.S. Government students are traveling to D.C. to tour the national monuments, memorials, and artifacts that mark this countrys’ history.