The Arts

Curiosity Meets Creativity

At Hammond, we believe in the power of the arts to liberate minds and spirits to create without limit. We give every student plenty of opportunities to discover what they’re capable of ... whether that be in music, dance, theatre, or visual arts. Our youngest students write plays, design costumes, and produce their own music. Middle Schoolers get serious about visual art with an intense nine-week workshop. Upper School students study sound design, musical theatre, dance, and just about everything in between.

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  • Lower School

    Lower School students engage in developmentally appropriate experiences designed to cultivate an early appreciation for visual arts and music.  It's not an uncommon sight to see a group of students writing a play, making costumes and props, and producing their own music.  The arts are an integral component of the Hammond experience and help round out our curriculum for even the youngest of students.

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  • Middle School

    Students are engaged in the arts throughout the school year. All students in fifth and sixth grade attend visual art classes and chose one musical component of either instrumental or choral music.  Students in seventh and eighth grade elect two of the six semester courses: Drama, Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Technical Theatre and Visual Art.

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  • Upper School

    Students are encouraged to participate in multiple experiences. Many progress to multiple advanced-level tracks across disciplines. A few students target one area in which to excel. Guided by a dedicated, trusting staff of professionals, the objectives are for each upper school student to be exposed to as many creative experiences as possible and to leave Hammond with an appreciation for the arts.