The Hammond Endowment

Sustaining Hammond for the Future

A gift to Hammond's Endowment through your estate plans will provide a permanent means of generating income for future generations.  By safely housing your designated funds in the endowment, where on the interest generated is used for expenses, your gift will live on in perpetuity.  Endowments operate much like a savings plan for families. Money is placed in a savings account; only the interest generated is used to help operate the household.

Five Funding areas that benefit from The Hammond Endowment:

List of 5 items.

  • Faculty Excellence.

  • Resources for Student and Families including scholarships, leadership training, and special projects.

  • Campus Facilities – maintaining facilities that match the quality of instruction.

  • Programs and Student Life – support for the co-curricular programs that help make Hammond so unique.

  • Hammond Fund - Headmaster's discretionary fund and general unrestricted.

Student Life Enrichment

For more information, please contact the Hammond Development Office and speak confidentially with Elaine Arnold (803) 399-9918.