Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

The Hammond Endowment

Sustaining Hammond for the Future

Endowments for any organization provide a permanent means of generating income by safely housing all donated funds and using only the interest generated by them for spending.  Endowments operate just like a savings plan for families.  Money is placed into a savings account; only the interest generated is used to help operate the household. 

The Hammond Endowment will fulfill the following purposes:

  • To provide effective management of funds contributed to the school for long-term revenue generated to support the school.
  • To encourage donors to contribute funds through estate and financial planning thus offering donors a means of “perpetual giving” to Hammond School.
  • To support the school’s long-term goals in providing a stable, recurring source of funding for operational purposes.

These are the five funding areas designed to benefit from The Hammond Endowment:

  1. Faculty Excellence – Chairs, Teaching Awards, Summer Travel/Development, Training, Conferences, etc.
  2. Resources for Students and Families– Scholarships (Merit and Need), Leadership Training, Special Projects, Student Awards, etc.
  3. Campus and Facilities – Maintenance of Facilities, Campus Development, Emergencies, etc.
  4. Program and Student Life Enrichment – Funds for Specific Athletic Activities, Choir, Art, Drama, Libraries, Volunteer Activities and Organizations, etc.
  5. The Hammond Fund – The Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund and general unrestricted.
For more information, please contact the Hammond Development Office and speak confidentially with Sue Keenan at (803) 399-9918.