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The Upper School experience at Hammond is one defined by active engagement. This engagement is first and foremost exemplified within the classroom where a broad and deep curriculum offers challenge while enticing curiosity and critical thinking. Talented Hammond faculty lead by example as life-long learners who understand the power inherent in strong student-teacher relationships in achieving academic success. Within the Upper School community of learners, there is a shared expectation of excellence undergirded by a commitment to honor. Engagement outside the classroom is grounded and nurtured by a rich array of co-curricular opportunities in the arts, athletics, and service learning where students explore their talents and interests while being of service to others. Engagement is reflected in a belief in the value of experiential education through finely-tuned travel opportunities at all grade levels where students stretch beyond what they know and develop confidence in themselves as citizens of a larger world. Through active engagement on our campus Hammond students set themselves apart, achieving 100% acceptance rate to colleges and universities across the country and stepping onto those campuses Hammond prepared.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Class trips in the Upper School offer unique opportunities to experience learning outside of a classroom. The mantra of these trips, as you’ll hear often from the headmaster and involved faculty and students repeat, is to “expand your comfort zone.” Each grade level trip is carefully and consciously designed to provide our students with a safe, rewarding and positive experience, and one which expands students’ horizons. Students regularly look forward to these trips as one of the highlights of each year. 

Class Trips:

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  • 9th Grade Trip - Bryson City, NC

    The transition to the Upper School begins with this shared experience in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Students learn about teamwork, bonding, confidence, and trust guided by Senior Leaders while negotiating a ropes course and learning to paddle kayaks on a river adventure.
  • 10th Grade Trip - College Campuses In State and Out of State

    As sophomores begin to explore their college interests, they will travel to in- and out-of-state colleges and universities on the annual College Trip. The trip provides an overview of colleges ranging from the small liberal arts college to the large comprehensive research university. In addition, students will learn how to visit a college, discover programs of interest, and gain exposure to a variety of locations and campus environments.
  • 11th Grade Trip - Costa Rica

    The Costa Rica trip during Spring Break immerses juniors in a culture quite foreign to their own and challenges them to appreciate its beauty. This trip is packed with challenges, both of the body and spirit.
  • 12th Grade Trip - Mountain Rest, SC

    Seniors are treated to a week filled with exciting activities based out of a summer camp. Seniors reflect on past Hammond experiences while enjoying each others’ company in their final days at Hammond.


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