Global Education

We’re helping broaden horizons.

At Hammond, we're not content to sit still.  We believe in the power of global citizenship and the value of exposing students to other cultures.  In addition to our Country of Study Program, our arts programs travel internationally to share their talent, athletic teams have played on international fields, and our juniors visit Costa Rica for a week-long experiential learning opportunity.

Country of Study

Hammond students are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why we integrate a global emphasis each year on a chosen country. We send a teacher from each of our three divisions to visit and immerse themselves in the culture of our country of study. They return with a bird’s eye view of the culture, history, and language of the country and incorporate its uniqueness into the curriculum at every level, including in our arts programs.

Our Country of Study Program gives every student at Hammond the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in cultures as diverse as Tanzania, Thailand, Norway, and Turkey—all without ever leaving home. And by the time our pre-kindergarteners graduate, they will have been exposed to fourteen countries and as many languages.

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