Summer Programs

Summer At Hammond

Summer Programs at Hammond

At Hammond, summer is always just around the corner.  In fact, we plan ahead all year long so you're guaranteed plenty of cool camps to make your summer hot!  

Join us to develop talents, acquire new skills and knowledge, or explore something that piques your interest.  Whether you're seeking a full-day summer program, looking for supplemental academic programs, an athletic workshop, or want to try your hand at an arts class, you will find it Hammond.
Come spend some time with us this summer ... we promise it'll be cool, regardless of the weather!


Kevin White, Ed.S.
Director of Auxiliary Programs


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  • Photo of Kevin White

    Mr. Kevin White 

    Director of Auxiliary Programs
    (803) 695-8624
  • Photo of Tari Goodwin

    Mrs. Tari Goodwin 

    Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
    (803) 726-6413