Mission and Philosophy

Pride Points

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  • Hammond’s unmatched academic curriculum successfully prepares students for college and beyond.

  • The heart of Hammond is an intangible sense of community and spirit that sets us apart from other schools.

  • Our global focus opens many curricular opportunities and populates the faculty with seasoned world travelers who continue to add depth to this community.

  • Early Technology Week, a program unique to Hammond, is a co-curricular opportunity to expose students to primitive forms of technology and life hundreds of years ago.

  • Hammond’s athletic program, arguably the most successful in South Carolina, annually sees 90% of middle and upper school students participating, and is the two-time recipient of the SCISA President’s Cup Award.

  • Getting to the “art of the matter” is what we do best! Be it visual arts, performing arts, or music, we begin cultivating students as young as pre-Kindergarten.

  • At Hammond, education not only develops the mind, body, and spirit, but lifelong friendships are formed and nurtured as students “grow” through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.

  • There’s safety in numbers! Our small size affords students individualized attention and numerous opportunities to excel athletically, academically, and artistically.

  • On Friday, you see RED! The spirit of Hammond comes alive each Friday when the younger students gather for a morning assembly and end with Hammond’s fight song.

  • Our Experiential Education Program is a trip! Beginning in 4th grade, our students travel within the United States and internationally to locations that complement our curriculum, assist in personal development, or enhance our arts program.

  • One world, one school! Students from all 14 grades regularly interact with one another, be it in pep rallies or opportunities for older students to mentor younger students.

  • Our College Counseling Program is the envy of other schools, and prepares students to navigate the process and ultimately gain admission into their chosen college or university.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Hammond School offers a college-preparatory curriculum that promotes the love of learning for a lifetime. The school embraces the Judeo-Christian tradition of moral and ethical values, but respects all religious beliefs and traditions and seeks applicants of all races, religions, and nationalities. The mission of Hammond School is to instill in students a commitment to academic excellence and recognition of individual potential that will contribute to the development of their characters.

Hammond School has been recognized as a leading independent school offering an education grounded in the basics, but enhanced with opportunities for global learning and unique learning activities outside the traditional classroom that challenge and build each student in mind, body and spirit. Hammond School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in any of its policies, practices or procedures.