Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

Middle years are anything but middle of the road.

At Hammond, we believe the middle years should be anything but middle of the road. Knowing that the fifth through eighth grade student longs for independence amid defined boundaries, we create an emotionally safe environmental for young people to accept new challenges, embrace new perspectives, and come into their own without getting lost in the crowd. 
We build a bridge from in between to out in front.
The Middle School program strategically builds on itself at each grade level, ultimately preparing students for success in the upper grades. In fifth grade, students begin moving through a schedule for the first time with dedicated subject-area teachers. In sixth grade, athletics are introduced; in seventh grade, foreign language is added as a full-time class. The eighth grade sees an increase in the level of academic challenge, with honors-level classes, and in athletic competition, with JV and Varsity sports opportunities. By eighth grade, our most senior students lead the division in student government and act as role models for younger students.
Dedicated middle school faculty members can be found not only in the classroom, but also coaching on the athletic fields, cheering in the stands, leading extracurricular clubs, advising students, and applauding the arts. 

Learning Outside the Classroom

Class trips in the Middle School offer unique opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom. Each grade level trip is carefully and consciously designed to provide our students with a safe, rewarding, and positive experience ... one that builds on the curriculum, and expands students’ horizons. Eagerly anticipated, these trips are a highlight of the school year.


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    Mr. Andrew North 

    Head of Middle School
    (803) 695-4019
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    Mrs. Rebecca Grantland 

    Administrative Assistant, Middle School
    (803) 695-4019

Class Trips:

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  • 5th Grade Trip : Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown

    Students embark on an 18th-century American History adventure.  Once students step into the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, they are fully immersed in 18th-century Virginia's colonial capital city.  They see and experience life as the founding families did in the 1700's.  This field study has traditionally been 4 days and 3 nights long.
  • 6th Grade Trip : Florida Science Trip Orlando and Cape Canaveral, FL

    The Kennedy Space Center and Walt Disney World educational programs provide a unique opportunity for cross-curricular learning.  Students will be exposed to learning in innovative environments, while exploring space science and global connectivity.  The direct curriculum connections are purposely planned to include:
    • Hammond Community:  Program on Global Citizenship at Epcot 
    • Math & Science:  Physics Lab and exhibits dealing with invention & innovation.
    • English:  Kingdom Keepers Quest based on the Kingdom Keeper book read in English Classes.
    • History:  Incorporate history of the Space Race and Walt Disney World including concepts of nostalgia.  Students will explore the question:  How has yesterday's view of the future shape the present? 
    This trip is four days and three nights.
  • 7th Grade Trip : Camp Tekoa, NC "The Education of Little Tree"

    Students journey to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina for this experience in cultural heritage, ecological respect and interconnection.  The experience provides students with deeper insight to their study of life and environmental science and an appreciation for the events and character of The Education of Little Tree, which is studied annually in seventh grade English.  This field study is four days and three nights.
  • 8th Grade Trip: Washington, D.C.

    Students travel to Washington D.C. to tour many of the national monuments, memorials, and artifacts that mark this country's history.  This trip is an integral part of the eighth grade U.S. Government curriculum which strives to help students understand concepts of justice, equity, service and duty.  This field study has traditionally been four days and three nights.