Middle School

Our students are tenacious, persistent, and driven.

At Hammond, Middle School is anything but middle of the road.  In fact, it's our bridge from over there, to out in front. We believe fifth grade students are ready for the added responsibility and challenge the middle grades bring and have incorporated the grade into our middle years program.

The Middle School prepares students for success in the upper grades. In fifth grade, students begin moving through a schedule for the first time with dedicated subject-area teachers. In sixth grade, athletics are introduced; in seventh grade, foreign language is added as a full-time class. The eighth grade sees an increase in the level of academic challenge, with honors-level classes, and in athletic competition, with JV and Varsity sports opportunities. By eighth grade, our most senior students lead the division in student government and act as role models for younger students.
Dedicated middle school faculty members can be found not only in the classroom, but also coaching on the athletic fields, cheering in the stands, leading extracurricular clubs, advising students, and applauding the arts. 

Middle schoolers take on new challenges, embrace new perspectives, and venture out into new cultures.  Along the way, they discover what it takes to come into their own.  They learn how to think fast, on their feet, and ahead.  After all, what you learn today feeds what you can accomplish tomorrow.


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  • Photo of Laura Riley

    Mrs. Laura Riley 

    Head of Middle School
    (803) 776-0295
  • Photo of Louise Cruea

    Mrs. Louise Cruea 

    Administrative Assistant, Middle School
    (803) 695-4019