Class of 2021 Senior Statistics:

Class Information and Admission Information
  • The Class of 2021 was comprised of 81 students.
  • Members of the Class of 2021 were accepted to 100 colleges in 28 states, the District of Columbia, and The Netherlands.
  • They are attending 36 colleges in 15 states, the District of Columbia, and The Netherlands.
  • 51% percent will attend in state while 49% percent will attend out of state.
  • Class members were admitted to numerous highly-selective schools including Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Honors, Emory, UCLA, Vanderbilt, USC Honors, Duke, Columbia, Davidson, Stanford, UNC-Chapel Hill, Vassar, MIT, Clemson Honors, and more.
  • Three members of the class were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as National Merit Finalists, and one student was named a National Merit Commended Scholar.
Five students were selected as candidates for the U.S. Presidential Scholar Program, one of the nation’s highest academic honors.
  • 21 students (26 % of the class) met the qualifications to be named South Carolina Palmetto Fellows, the state’s highest lottery-funded scholarship award.
  • Members of the Class of 2021 were offered merit scholarships in excess of $9.4 million dollars.
Testing and Grades
  • The average SAT score was 1262, and the average ACT score was 29.
  • 45% percent of the class scored 1300 on the SAT or 28 on the ACT or higher.
  • 25 students (31% of the class) earned GPA’s of 4.5 or higher and were awarded the designation of Honor Graduate.
AP Exams
  • 77 members (95%) of the class completed 347 Advanced Placement courses and exams before completing their Hammond diplomas.
  • 69% completed 3 or more AP courses and exams.
  • 47% completed 5 or more AP courses and exams.
  • 22% completed 8 or more AP courses and exams.
  • And four members of the class completed over 10 AP and Post-AP Courses.

Points of Pride
  • They are multi-sport, accomplished athletes, five of whom will continue their careers at the collegiate level in baseball, football, and wrestling. They have won national championships in equestrian, competed on ESPN, clinched matches in Spain’s Costa Brava Soccer Cup, and played on the number one nationally ranked summer baseball team.  
  • They are philanthropists - Eagle Scouts, recyclers, homeless shelter meal servers, bake sale initiators, and pregnancy crisis center volunteers. They’ve made hygiene kits for low-income high schools, built houses on Indian reservations, guided disabled athletes in Special Olympics, sold out fundraising concerts for Leukemia research, interned at Camp Cole, tutored divergent learners, and served the disadvantaged in countless places both stateside and abroad.
  • They are artists – jewelry designers, commercial stars, commissioned visual artists, songwriters who have recorded and released alums, dancers who have studied at intensives across the US, and musicians who have performed in venues all over the globe including the Sydney Opera House, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, and even South Carolina’s Gubernatorial Inauguration.
  • They are researchers – they’ve studied Microrheology in the labs at the University of South Carolina, electric vehicle charging under professors at Bocconi University in Italy, and computational biology and genomics with faculty at MIT. They have curated websites on the national debt and studied effective ways to increase HIV prevention awareness. They are also thinkers and tinkerers – learning how to code, build and repair cars, perfect stage makeup, create films, build bed swings, 3D print, and compose music. 
  • They are adventurers – One student has traveled to over 19 counties and another has traveled to 48 states. Others have ventured to the Great Wall of China, volcano boarded in Nicaragua, climbed the Teton Mountains, washed elephants in Thailand, dogsledded at midnight in Iceland, and even one student was knighted in a castle in Avignon, France. Among them are windsurfers, beekeepers, motocross drivers, sailors, divers, duck mothers, and students who have sought any and every opportunity to step outside their comfort zone. 



Global Emphasis

  • Annual Country of Study with a faculty member from each division visiting the country
  • International travel for faculty and students including eleventh grade trip to Costa Rica
  • Overnight school trips beginning in the fourth grade


  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • South Carolina Independent School Association
  • South Carolina Independent School Athletic Association

Fine Arts

  • Music, visual, and performing arts at all levels
  • Select Ensemble
  • Fringe Festival 

Outdoor Education Program

  • Outstanding natural history program and Naturalist-in-Residence for Lower and Middle School focusing on Primitive Technology
  • Comprehensive wilderness program for the Upper School
  • 107 acre campus with woodlands and wetlands


  • NAIS
  • SAIS
  • PAIS
  • College Board
  • Morehead Schools
  • Cum Laude Society