Hammond Mathletes Win Big!

It was definitely March Madness as Hammond Mathletes traveled around the State and to Georgia to participate in several contests that found them bringing home the gold! Congratulations to these outstanding Skyhawk mathematicians for making us proud! 

March 1
st – Dr. Subhash Saxena High School Math Contest at Coastal Carolina 
Level I (enrolled in Algebra II or below): 
First Place Team: Evan Peng, Parsa Adhami, Alex Magargle, Brayden LaSovage, Mia Kosciusko 
First Place Individual: Evan Peng 
Second Place Individual: Parsa Adhami 
Third Place Individual: Alex Magargle 
Level II (enrolled in Precalculus or higher): 
First Place Team: Seomgeun Shim, Cole Glenn, Nancy Phan, Zamam Lone, Ranti Olatosi, Aspen Brooks 
First Place Individual: Seomgeun Shim 
Second Place Individual: Cole Glenn 
Third Place Individual: Nancy Phan 
Overall Team Winner: Hammond School 
March 2nd – State MathCounts
CountDown Round Qualifiers: Robert Shim and Yukai Hu 
2nd Place Individual (winning a trip to DC to compete for SC): Yukai Hu 
2nd Place Team: Yukai Hu, Cam Mazzei, Robert Shim, Vibhav Vattipally, Jennings Hamilton 
March 9th – Georgia Tech High School Math Day 

Competitors: Seomgeun Shim, Evan Peng, Ranti Olatosi, Preston Swarat, Lauren Asbill, Wyatt Kosciusko, Nancy Phan, Brayden LaSovage, Alex Magargle, Zamam Lone, Cole Glenn, Parsa Adhami 
Proof Round Qualifiers – Seomgeun Shim, Evan Peng 
3rd Place Individual – Seomgeun Shim 
March 21st – SCISA Math Meet 

Lower School 
Lower School Competitors (includes 5th grade): Alouise Beugelsdijk Leusink, Daniel Bonilha, Sasirekha Bollu, Wynston Kline, Thomas LaBoone, Miller North, Frances Pearson, Sutton Putnam, Logan Selph, Mary Wells Wang, Reagan Zumbro 
4th Place Individual – Thomas LaBoone 
Sixth Place Individual (Tie) – Alouise Beugelsdijk Leusink and Miller North 
3rd Place Team - Alouise Beugelsdijk Leusink, Thomas LaBoone, Daniel Bonilha, Logan Selph, Reagan Zumbro 
Middle School 
Middle School Competitors: Liam Brabham, Finn Delage, Lyle Eagle, Hadley Godwin, Anjani Gupta, Jennings Hamilton, Yukai Hu, Cam Mazzei, Ashleigh McCain, Robert Shim, Vibhav Vattipally 
1st Place Individual – Yukai Hu 
2nd Place Individual – Robert Shim 
3rd Place Individual – Vibhav Vattipally 
5th Place Individual – Jennings Hamilton 
8th Place Individual – Lyle Eagle 
1st Place Team – Jennings Hamilton, Yukai Hu, Cam Mazzei, Robert Shim, Vibhav Vattipally 
4th Place Team – Liam Brabham, Finn Delage, Lyle Eagle, Hadley Godwin, Anjani Gupta, Ashleigh McCain 
High School 
High School Competitors: Parsa Adhami, Aspen Brooks, Cole Glenn, Brayden LaSovage, Zamam Lone, Ranti Olatosi, Evan Peng, Nancy Phan, Logan Rivers, Seomgeun Shim, Preston Swarat 
1st Place Individual – Seomgeun Shim 
2nd Place Individual – Cole Glenn 
4th Place Individual – Ranti Olatosi 
7th Place Individual (Tie) – Parsa Adhami, Evan Peng 
1st Place Team – Parsa Adhami, Cole Glenn, Ranti Olatosi, Evan Peng, Seomgeun Shim 
3rd Place Team – Aspen Brooks, Brayden LaSovage, Zamam Lone, Nancy Phan, Logan Rivers, Preston Swarat 
March 23rd – USC Math Contest 

2nd Place Team – Logan Rivers, Shindara Olatosi, Preston Swarat, Ranti Olatosi, Brayden LaSovage, Wyatt Kosciusko, Evan Peng, Zamam Lone, Seomgeun Shim, Cole Glenn, Nancy Phan, Parsa Adhami 
Top 16 on the individual contest (qualifiers for the knockout tournament): Seomgeun Shim, Parsa Adhami, Cole Glenn, Nancy Phan 
1st Place from the tournament – Seomgeun Shim 
Tournament Runner-up: Cole Glenn 
1st Place on the written contest (with a perfect score): Seomgeun Shim