Liddy Grantland '16 Featured in Washington Post

Cissy Pope
It comes as no surprise to us that our own Liddy Grantland '16 was featured in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. The renowned newspaper asked readers "how has the pandemic changed your life"? Liddy's response made it to print. A summa cum laude graduate of Duke University with majors in English and African-American Studies, and a minor in Theater, Liddy first made her mark at Hammond. She was recipient of the John Adger Manning Award for the senior(s) who best exemplifies traits of character, leadership, and enthusiastic participation in the life of Hammond. Liddy also received the departmental award in English.

True to her kind and generous nature, Liddy works for L'arche, an organization dedicated to establishing communities for intellectually disabled adults. L'arche describes the impact of their organization as being a "University for the Heart" where members learn true friendship and teach one another to love unconditionally. We, however, would describe it as a "University of Liddy" ... where members learn true friendship and unconditional love.

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