Math Teams Score Big!

Upper School Math 
  • The team of Andrew Nguyen, Luxi Qin, Laurence Zhang, Ranti Olatosi, Preston Swarat, Logan Rivers, Cole Glenn, and Zachary Head represented Hammond at the Furman Mathematics Tournament on March 19th. The Hammond team took fourth place in the small school division and was the top South Carolina school at the contest. 
  • The team of Zachary Head, Zamam Lone, Cole Glenn, Ranti Olatosi, Laurence Zhang, and Logan Rivers took first place in division 2 at the USC Math contest on March 3rd.  
  • At the SCISA high school math contest, Laurence Zhang took 9th place, Willa Zug took 8th place, and Cole Glenn and Ranti Olatosi tied for 6th place for the individual awards. The Hammond School team took first place. Team members included: Wyatt Kosciusko, Ashton Cutler, Willa Zug, Cole Glenn, Logan Rivers, Zachary Head, Zamam Lone, Preston Swarat, Lauren Asbill, Ranti Olatosi, and Laurence Zhang. 
  • Ranti Olatosi will represent South Carolina as part of the SC All-State Math Team.
The high school math team took third place in the team competition, and was the third-place school winner at the Clemson Calculus Challenge on April 22nd. Moreover, Hammond was the top team in the State for both the team round and overall school award in our division. The team consisted of Amelia Gandhi, Tyler Albrecht, David Johns, Alexander Garside, Raymond Cao, Laurence Zhang, and Andrew Nguyen. 

Middle School Math
  • Brayden LaSovage had the top AMC 8 score at Hammond, Ashton Cutler had the second highest, and Yukai Hu had the third highest score. 
  • Willa Zug, Ashton Cutler, and Alex Magargle all qualified for the state MathCounts competition, the highest number of Hammond students in recent history. 
The math team took second place at the SCISA contest on April 6th. Ashton Cutler and Yukai Hu tied for ninth place, Willa Zug took fifth place, and Parsa Adhami took fourth place in the individual contest. Other students competing that helped Hammond win second place were Alex Magargle, Brayden LaSovage, Caroline Kuhn, Anna Claire McCain, Joseph Seiner, and Wyatt Kosciusko.