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Salley Rama '35: Being a Skyhawk

Cissy Pope
Getting to know the youngest members of the Hammond family is always a delight and offers a unique perspective on the Hammond experience. While much of the conversation mirrors the playful design of a pre-kindergarten curriculum, there are always nuggets of truth uncovered along the way. Salley Rama ’35 is no exception. 
Like most members of our pre-kindergarten program, Salley Rama is charming, enthusiastic, and already a true Skyhawk at heart. Meeting up with her on the playground was an experience like no other­. Surrounded by a gaggle of friends, and attracting even more as our conversation continued, Salley was quick to point out that what makes Hammond special to her starts in the classroom with pre-kindergarten teachers Julie Hudson and JaneAnn Walker. “They are so nice. It makes it fun to be at Hammond.”
Sporting a cheerleading uniform, Salley was proud to wear her school colors and looks forward to cheering the Skyhawks to victory when she reaches the middle and upper schools. When asked what her favorite color is, she was quick to quip, “What’s your favorite color, baby? Red, white and blue.” 
Second only to cheering is her enthusiasm for math, which she looks forward to in the upper school. Among her other Hammond favorites are art, the Wonder Lab, and recess. And in true Hammond fashion, Salley already knows that a Skyhawk is kind to others, courteous and polite, honest, works hard, and never gives up.
As our morning on the playground came to a close, Salley shared with me that she wants to be Little Red Riding Hood when she grows up. It’s a safe bet the red will be around for many years to come, but we’re banking on a future mathematician.