Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Scott Medley '02

“I tell people all the time that Hammond was instrumental in my success, both personally and professionally. From an early age, I learned the invaluable skills of time management, the personal value of stepping out of my comfort zone, and the importance of integrity, community and good character in approaching both people and problems. Outside of the classroom, Linda Khoury was a major inspiration to me. She was one of the first teachers who taught me that I was more than what I thought I could be. In her production of Grease, I walked on stage with an unbelievable fear and anxiety in what I was capable of doing. After days of performances, I walked off with a confidence and belief in myself that still resonates with me today. My experiences, both in the classroom and out of it, shaped how I challenge myself in various endeavors and still feel confident in my ability to succeed at those things”
Voted Most Likely to be a Star by her graduating class, Jordan has done just that in the Online Boutique realm.  In 2014 Jordan and her best friend, Taylor, launched Charley’s clothing, one of the largest online clothing boutiques in South Carolina. These two fashion gurus bring you the latest fashions at the best prices around and ensure a quality product that won’t break the bank. From clothing and shoes to jewelry and accessories, the goal is always to have you looking and feeling your best. You can tune into their Instagram (@charlesysclothing) daily, along with their nearly 15,000 followers, to watch these two ladies share their faith, their hopes and dreams for their families and friends, and their belief that life may not be easier with a great wardrobe but it sure is more fun.
When not working, Jordan loves spending time with her husband, David, and her two favorite Skyhawks, Ellison (‘31) and Cannon (‘33). “My husband, David, likes to joke that I made him promise we would send our kids to Hammond before we got married. I’m sure I was pretty insistent on that because I know what Hammond does for the students who walk its halls. Having Ellison and Cannon at Hammond has brought that full circle for me. I already see them falling in love with being Skyhawks, believing in the community that it affords and knowing that there is always this big family they get to come home to every day when they walk through its doors. It’s a gift to be educated here, and it’s one I know they will never take for granted- just like I don’t.”