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Twenty Things We Learned in 2020

Cissy Pope
The year 2020 has come and gone. A study in contrasts, it was the best of times and the worst of times.  And while remnants remain in its wake, 2020 is behind us, a new year is unfolding, and the collective we are standing on the precipice of possibility and promise. In reflection, we sought silver linings and discovered them; we craved normalcy and found a new normal.  Together we shared a remarkably teachable year and discovered truths best learned through experience.

  1. We learned that while we don’t have all the answers, the solution often lies within us.
  2. We discovered teachers are not only courageous and committed … they are essential.
  3. We found that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
  4. We discovered that four walls are only placeholders and that the great outdoors is often the best classroom.
  5. We discovered that for every obstacle there is a brilliant workaround.
  6. We learned that the future is always better when served with a healthy dose of optimism.
  7. We learned that Zoom is a four-letter word.
  8. We learned that ruling the roost means following the rules.
  9. We found safety in numbers … 6 feet, to be exact.
  10. We discovered that music is balm for the soul and that no mask can stifle songs from the heart.
  11. When the show must go on, we found that starlight provides the best stage lights.
  12. We discovered the meaning of smiling eyes.
  13. We learned that what unites us is always greater than what divides us.
  14. We created twists on old favorites that quickly became new favorites.
  15. We learned that a grid of faces on a computer screen is no substitute for the synergy and magic that occurs face-to-face.   
  16. We discovered that home is where your heart is, but home is no substitute for the heartbeat of a school.
  17. We found that losing your Guardian Angel is never easy, but you sometimes find your True North in the process.
  18. We rediscovered the value of cheering each other on and that state championship wins never grow old.
  19. We learned that challenges don’t create character, they reveal character.
  20. Most importantly, we came to the realization that we need one another … and that given the choice, we will always choose together over apart.
The seconds and minutes that comprised our days as a school community were arguably our finest hour. We met the challenge with dignity and grace, a little wiser and all the better for the experience.
Welcome, 2021.