2020-2021 School Year Officially Begins

On August 19, we officially welcomed 930 Skyhawks back to campus for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

In remarks made the day before, Head of School Chris Angel expressed his appreciation to the faculty for their hard work in making possible the successful opening of school.

"The dawn of a new school year is upon us. For the first time in five months, our classrooms will fill with enthusiasm and excitement, our playgrounds will come alive with laughter, and as a school community we will collectively look to the promise of the future.
Our new normal has come with significant changes, changes that will impact how we interact with one another, how we navigate campus, and will inevitably quiet our outward displays of camaraderie. But at its very core, so much remains the same.  We have continued to be united as a school family, we have retained our sense of pride, and our time apart has reinforced the realization that we are much stronger, much better, and much happier when we are together.
Over these past summer months, our faculty worked diligently to make this start to the new school year possible. Their tireless efforts have been humbling in so many ways. The level of professionalism and dedication with which they have approached the “new classroom”, and the ways in which they have creatively reconfigured education as we know it, has been, simply put, remarkable.  They have been resolute in their desire to return to the classroom, always putting the student first and exhibiting an unwavering desire to hone their craft amidst the changes and challenges that confront us.  
It has been said that education is more an avocation than a vocation. The past five months have been a defining moment for educators, and the truest measure of character is revealed not in good times, but in bad. I have never been prouder of the many ways our faculty has met the challenge with unsurpassed compassion, dignity, and tenacity.
The future holds great promise.  And we at Hammond look forward to all it will bring.  Welcome home, Skyhawks."