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Hammond Named Premier Delegation at Youth in Government

Thirty-four Upper School students participated in this year's Youth in Government (YIG) and were voted Premier Delegation.  Over twenty students wrote bills submitted to the model legislature, with two being passed.  Students served on the Leadership Committe and the  Media Committee, photographing the conference, presiding over committees, and acting as lobbyists.  

Congratulations to Merritt Brazell, who was elected Superintendent of Education and is one of 24 South Carolina students who will attend a conference on national affairs this summer through National YIG.

YIG is a youth leadership and civic development program for high school students that helps teach the value of democracy and  provides opportunities to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process.  Over 1,500 high school students participated in this three-day conference.
While at the conference, high school students participate in a simulation of South Carolina's democratic process. Acting as Senators and Representatives, students write, debate and vote on legislation. As candidates and lobbyists, students experience the rich spectrum of activity that constitutes our political process. As media delegates, students create and publish a nightly newspaper. As attorneys and justices, students argue and judge a legal case. Officers elected by students serve as Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Education and Comptroller General.