Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

Fourth Grade Students Design Helping Hands

Inspired by E-Nable, a volunteer organization dedicated to using 3D printers to help create prosthetic hands for children, Lower School Librarian Bonnie Lynch engaged fourth grade students in a STEAM project that combines both empathy and creativity.  E-Nable hands are unique in that they are designed by volunteers, consist of bright, bold colors and operate without batteries or computers and resemble Power Ranger hands.  In addition to helping children grasp and throw a ball, the hands have had the unexpected benefit of helping deflect bullying due to their novel appearance. Fourth grade students initially created hand-shaped prototypes out of cardboard utilizing straws and string to enable joint action. Using innovative techniques and ingenuity, students learned to use cardboard knives and devise a “needle” to help thread the strings through the straw, creating knuckle action.  The group’s goal is to eventually create a 3D prototype in the Innovation Center’s Maker Space.