Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

College Counseling at Hammond: Second to None

College Counseling is one of the most impressive features of the Hammond experience.  By the time students enter tenth grade, plans are well underway to ensure a successful journey through the college application process.
The anxiety associated with college admission is undeniable.  Families embarking on the process often find themselves making frenzied phone calls to family and friends who’ve survived the ordeal.  They clamor for the latest insight from industry insiders who supposedly share secrets for success from the bastions of power, the gate keepers, those admissions professionals who hold annual sway over the destiny of millions of high school seniors.  
Few can argue that the college admission process is transparent or the time involved tranquil.  However, by investing in the Hammond experience, families can avoid much of the anxiety associated with college admission.  Through numerous individualized student and family meetings, as well as coordinated group programming, the College Counseling Office offers students and their families support and sound advice to offset the stress associated with the process.  Hammond students are encouraged to ignore the hype – the media driven frenzy – and to approach college admission with one goal in mind: to find colleges that match their unique academic and personal needs – in short, to find the right “fit”. 
The college counseling program offers a series of carefully crafted experiences that foster reflection and support research as students lay the foundation for a successful college search. These include workshops on college factors to consider, financial and scholarships, college research platforms, career assessment modules, and effective college visits; over fifty college representative visits to connect with interested students; a college trip traveling to South Carolina colleges, as well as schools in North Carolina and Virginia; a symposium program where college representatives are the “teachers” of college research; and much, much more.  The number and variety of informational programs offered to Hammond students and families is extensive.  However, the most compelling aspect of our program is the personalized attention students and parents receive from dedicated counselors with previous experience in college admission.  They work closely with students to offer individualized application strategy, essay and application review, and frequent meetings to help them navigate the complex world of college admission and fully realize their college goals.  
It has been said that the college search process should be less about a prize to be won and more about a match to be made.  The college search and selection process, as the capstone Hammond experience, allows families to approach the process with less fear and trepidation, and frees students to focus on fit.  Each step along the way is designed to provide information, insight and advocacy as Hammond students and their families navigate the next BIG step toward their future.