Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

Choral Music (Grades 5-8)

Offers students an introduction to general music components with a focus on choral education/music. Students acquire basic knowledge of musicianship, rehearsal and performance technique. A greater emphasis on theory and sight-reading skills begins in the seventh and eighth grades.

Choral Music (Grades 9-12)

Focuses on choral performance, cultivates proper vocal techniques, self-expression, musicianship, and multicultural awareness through a wide variety of repertoire in both small and large ensemble settings. Performance practice and proper choral singing are primary skill elements for all students.

Hammond School Select Ensemble

The premier auditioned choral group of Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina. Under the direction of Steven Hillard, this mixed group of 48 singers has shared their gift of music to audiences both nationally and internationally.  The students of the Hammond School Select Ensemble are proud to be musical ambassadors and representatives of our school, our community, our state and our nation.