Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.
New Families FAQ

Upper School New Families

Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School. We welcome you as a Skyhawk and look forward to seeing you as an active participant in the Upper School.

Key Contacts:
Upper School Head: Jody Lumpkin - 803-695-4013 (
Upper School Office: Kara Glenn - 803-695-4012 (
Student Billing: Kathy Hennessee - 803-695-4026 (
Athletic Office: Liz Brewer - 803-695-4011 (
College Counseling Office: Carolyn Stoddard - 803-695-8625 (
                                                           Kathryn Daniels - 803-695-4027 (
                                                           Natalie Knight - 803-695-8625 (

Summer Reading

Just as athletic training during off season is required to maintain and improve physical prowess, reading over the summer promotes intellectual agility and improves verbal skills. These skills are important to academic success within the classroom and as well as on standardized tests required for college admissions. Summer reading requirements in the Upper School revolve around course-specific assignments within English, History, and in some instances the World Language Department. 

Upper School Textbooks

Upper School students are required to purchase their own textbooks. There are generally two types of textbooks used in the Upper School: Hard Copy Textbooks and Etexts.
  • Hard Copy Textbooks: Once US students receive course schedules in early August, please use the link to the right to access a course-specific list of any hard copy textbooks required for each course. Using the ISBN and edition information provided, families can purchase hard copy textbooks from any source the family chooses.
  • Etexts: If there is no hard copy text listed for a course, individual course instructors will provide etext purchase details within the first few days of school. Most etexts are easily purchased using a credit card and are downloadable in minutes. Individual teachers will provide clear instructions for class-specific etexts and apps during the opening days of school so that families may purchase these from the comfort of their homes.

US Summer Reading Information