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Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School. We can’t wait for you to walk in our doors as a Skyhawk! Be ready to learn and play in the “best place to ever be.”

Key Contacts:
Lower School Head: Helen Kiser - 803-776-0295, ext. 2001 (
Lower School Office: Kelly Augenstein - 803-695-4025 (
Student Billing: Kathy Hennessee - 803-695-4026 (
Extended Day: Kevin White - 803-695-8624 (
Kiva: 803-776-0295, ext. 2004
Hammond Main Number: 803-776-0295

LS Summer Connections

We love summer at Hammond Lower School! Summer is a time for family, friends, days in the sun and yes, learning! In the Summer Connections you will find a wealth of information to keep learning alive. Our purpose for Summer Connections is to promote the love and value of learning by making personal choices and finding ways that it applies to the real world.

Each grade level has provided a grade specific yet a consistent approach to summer learning. Our recommendation is 4 out of 7 days involve Summer Connections. The Summer Reading Resources provides ideas for read alouds and independent reading. In order to build keyboarding skills, our Technology Resources are needed for grades 1st-4th.. In addition to the new math program discussed below, the math section at each grade levels provides numerous ways to review those much needed math facts.

For math we have a wonderful new program. In order to provide immediate feedback and reinforce good habits, we will be using IXL Math. IXL Math is an engaging and reward based system that allows students to review and challenge their math skills. Students will begin working at the grade they have just completed. This will allow the opportunity to solidify skills needed for the upcoming school year. However, students who excel at math can attempt higher level math. IXL provides reports to teachers which outline the math skills that have been practiced and details the level of mastery achieved. There are no worksheets to keep track of and turn in at the end of the summer! Students will receive a username and password for IXL Math in their last report card. In addition, students will also have access to IXL Math for the entire 2019-2020 school year.

We look forward to seeing all the great things you do over the summer! Happy learning!