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The Patel Family

All parents want dependable teachers who know their children well enough to help them grow and learn. When both parents work full-time and have energetic and impressionable preschoolers, finding the right school environment can become even more crucial. At Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Mitesh and Dr. Shilpa Patel found the excellent learning environment they were looking for.
Both Mitesh and Shilpa are physicians who moved from Missouri to South Carolina to take jobs with the Veterans Association. Once settled in, they began researching the local schools for their twin boys, Aadi and Advay. Hammond’s cohesive curriculum that takes students from Pre-K through 12th grade impressed the Patels, and they applied. “Education is the prime priority for both of us,” Shilpa says. “That’s why we are both here where we are today, so we wanted our kids to get the best education.”
When the twins started Pre-K at Hammond, Shilpa felt concerned about how young the boys were for their grade. “I was always worried about how they would progress, and how they would adjust to a new class, but that was never an issue,” she says. “They started taking them and training them to be more independent, learn, and pick up new skills.”
Since the boys started at Hammond, Shilpa and Mitesh have been impressed with how the teachers quickly address problems with possible solutions. Shilpa says, “Kids spend a lot of time at school rather than at home. We really wanted that feedback [and for the teachers] to say, ‘Okay what is the problem and how can we fix it?’”
When one of the boys had trouble pronouncing certain words, Hammond provided a speech therapist to work with him for a few months. Hammond’s readiness to help their son made a great impression on the Patels. “They study your kids enough to find out what the problem is and provide enough solutions for the parents.”
Now the boys are in first grade. They love their school, their classes, and even get excited about homework. Mitesh and Shilpa love Hammond, too. Shilpa says, “They are almost like family now because they take such good care of the kids.”
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