Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.

Counting the Cost

The Adams Family

Private school is a significant investment that often requires a certain amount of sacrifice. But when it comes to a child’s education, it’s often worth it.
No one would agree more than Jason and Alice Adams.
Jason and Alice grew up attending Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina, and were high school sweethearts. Now Jason works in sales for generators and turbines, and Alice is a lawyer at a private practice. When they started looking at schools for their three girls — Sarah, Rebekah, and Anna Katherine — they were serious about giving their daughters a good education from an early age. “The primary school years are the most important,” says Alice. “For me, the most important thing is always going to be academics. I think [Hammond] beats everybody on that front.”
Though they loved Hammond, the financial strain of having three daughters in school forced them to look at other options. When their oldest daughter, Sarah, was in the 6th grade, she transferred to the local public school for a semester. While at the public school, Sarah liked her new teachers and classmates, but she missed Hammond. After a few months, the Adams worked out their budget to send Sarah back to Hammond. When they told her, Sarah said it was the best Christmas present she’d ever received and they didn’t have to get her anything else. Alice said that, for Sarah, returning to Hammond “was like going home.”
The Adams still assess their finances every year. “We function on a year-to-year basis. We just think, can we do it this next year?” But they believe the benefits are worth the sacrifice, especially with Hammond’s focus on academics. Hammond’s small classroom size and emphasis on teaching their students to think critically are just a few things that make their educational philosophy stand out. “We wouldn’t be paying just for an experience. I think it’s a combination of the academics and the opportunities,” says Alice.
Sarah graduated in spring 2017 and now attends Clemson University. The Adams believe Hammond fully prepared her for college level academics. “I would put whatever graduate from Hammond — whether they are an A, B, or C student — up against anybody else in college.”
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