Curriculum Creativity

Cissy Pope
Seven rooms and a masked stranger ... what could prepare you better for All Hallows' Eve? 

Ms. Crabb's ninth grade English students were treated to an authentic learning experience just in time for Halloween. In a unique twist on their study of Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe, she designed an "escape room" that provided the opportunity for deciphering clues ... and escaping the red death.

This unique experiential learning opportunity included an invitation to Prince Prospero's Masquerade Party that set off a chain of twists and turns in search of  hints. Students were charged with unraveling the clues that would eventually, and hopefully, help them escape the seventh room–the room of the red death.

In these images, students are discovering a clue for the red and black room on the bottom of a coke can, recording clues and choosing images that best represent Poe's description of costuming, discovering a lock combination based on the clock time, and uncovering a clue for the white room on the base of a skull.

Masque of the Red Death is one short story that will live long in the memory of these ninth graders!