Knowing Our Students

Looking at these coincidental photos of Robert Malanuk '24, taken 10 years apart, what immediately comes to mind is that we've watched him grow up. We know him. We know his strengths, his talents, and his interests. We've shared in the journey.

The benefits of attending the same school from prekindergarten through graduation are many; but all are important when it comes to educating students. For most families seeking an independent school education, one of the most desirable features of a Hammond education is smaller classes that afford more individualized instruction. Small in size, but big on experience, these classes help create a tight-knit environment which allows teachers to get to know each student along with their strengths and weaknesses.
Students who attend Hammond from the earliest grades through graduation have the advantage of faculty  collaboration across grades and divisions to ensure the best class fit for a student. It doesn’t end in the classroom. For those who exhibit artistic or athletic talent in the earlier grades, these same talents are nurtured throughout their time at Hammond.
A recent National Association of Independent School survey recently found that students attending private schools have better outcomes. The report suggests they enter post-secondary school at a relative advantage over other students and that these benefits persist after graduation. Key findings include:
  • Students consistently outscore their peers on standardized tests.
  • Nearly 100% of independent school graduates attend college, with more than 50% accepted into some of the nation’s most selective schools.
  • Independent school graduates seek out experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities in college.
  • Graduates are more likely to participate in research with a faculty member, hold a leadership position in college, participate in intramural sports, and work on a project lasting more than one semester.
We believe it all starts with the critical teacher-student relationship that helps leverage opportunities for students whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in the art studio.