The #1 Skyhawk on Birdies, Best Friends, and Bands

Cissy Pope
Senior Blake Weinbach is a talented musician, golfer, baseball player, a community servant with a big heart, and he also happens to be Hammond’s student body president. If his charming smile doesn’t draw you in, his affable personality seals the deal.  Blake is talented and driven, and whether that means driving a golf ball down the fairway, writing music, or performing with his band, he has been successful at his every endeavor.
During his freshman year, he and best friend and fellow Skyhawk, Reece Holbrook, were discussing The Reece Holbrook Win Anyway Foundation. Established by Reece’s parents, Jennifer and Chad Holbrook, following Reece’s recovery from childhood leukemia, the Foundation helps support seriously ill children, their families, and the facilities that treat them. Blake knew he wanted to help and decided he could parlay his golfing skills into a fundraiser.  With only one week left before the Skyhawks were to attend the state golf tournament, Blake conceived of Dollars for Birdies.  The concept was simple–solicit pledges for every birdie he scored in the tournament.  Much to Blake’s surprise, 100 people participated that first year and he raised over $3,000, which was in turn matched by Jennifer and Chad.  The following year, Blake more than tripled donations, again matched by the Holbrooks.
Music is Blake’s other passion. A member of Hammond’s Select Ensemble, he began writing music in his spare time and found himself taking center stage during last spring’s quarantine. Hearing singer/songwriter Patrick Davis’ song about the corona virus inspired him to write his own. After sharing it with his family, Blake decided to share it on his social media account. Much to his surprise, and friends who didn’t know he wrote music, the song took on a life of its own.  According to Blake, “As bad as the quarantine has been, for me it has led to making music. I met Patrick Davis and found myself on news outlets across the country in 16 different states. I’ve stayed in contact with Patrick, and in addition to becoming a mentor of sorts for me, he has asked me to open several of his shows.”  He currently has an extended play on streaming platforms and he and his band of Frank Robinson, Luke Weinbach, and Hap Shull have been asked to play at other venues and private events.
Whether taking to the greens to raise money for critically ill children, entertaining us with his musical talent, or leading an assembly, Blake is making a name for himself. We at Hammond are proud to have a front row seat.