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 December 17, 2013 

We are studying the sounds listed below. For the next month or so.

"R" - controlled vowels

ar                              or                                 er                                 ir                                    ur

car                           corn                             her                                skirt                               fur

star                         fort                              teacher                         shirt                               purr

start                       porch                           under                             birth                              turn

mark                      door                             sister                              first                               church

farm                      torn                              over                                dirt                                burst

market                  forgot                           stern                              chirp                              hurt

arm                      sport                             perch                             girl                                  burn

harp                    forth                             germ                               firm                                burnt

spark                  torch                             ever                               

snarl                   dorm                             paper

barn                   store                             term

march                short                              herd


         ow as in cow       ou as in house

ow as in show                    

proud                         foul                              pouch                           mouse                        about

shout                        pound                          crouch                           scout                         announce

found                       pounce                         sound                            trout                         house

stout                        pout                             mouth


howl                       tower                             crowd                          brown                       cow

crowded                brown                            frown                           town                         plow

clown                    flower                            power                          frowned                    shower


show                    shown                           slower                           blown                        crowing

blow                     mow                              growing                         row                           crowed

crow                     slow                              flow                               mower                       snow






Vowel Digraphs

"When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and the second one is silent."



ea                              ee                                    oa                            ai                       ay

peach                        free                                  boat                         paint                  play

eat                            sheep                               floated                     train                   sway

east                         street                               goal                           faint               Sunday

leaf                         meeting                             groan                        wait                     may

peat                        teeth                                loan                         grain                    jaybird

team                       cheese                             boast                        sailor                    stay

beak                        kneel                               soap                         maid                   clay

clean                       freeze                             foam                        drain                     pray

wheat                     queen                             coach                        stain                      crayon

scream                    beetle                              croak                       bait                    played

seat                        greet                                load                        aim                     spraying

meat                         feed                                 loaf


Challenge List

How many can you decode?

(Beginners may save this for later!)


eastern                          sleepy                         roaster                          waistband

weakest                         greedy                       oatmeal                          saintly

squeal                           needle                        boastful                          trailer

beaker                         sweeter                      cocoa                               trainer

peaceful                      seesaw                        roadway                          ailment

creature                     sweeper                       poacher                           hailstone

seaweed                    greenest                       floating                           painted

streamer                   cheetah                         cockroach                       refrain

beagle                       teenager                       gloating                           fingernail















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