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Keeping Us Together: Jessica Crosland and Crystal Barrett

Cissy Pope
In the midst of a global pandemic, it's taken much more than just love to keep us together. While the dynamic duo of Hammond Nurses Jessica Crosland and Crystal Barrett have put a lot of heart into the job of keeping us safe, their tireless efforts and nursing expertise have been key to our success.

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, the role of school nurse has taken on even greater significance. They have become our own front line workers ... the critical components that help keep us safe and healthy. Not only have they been instrumental in interpreting information and regulations, but they have been key to developing protocols that allow us the opportunity to stay safely together.

Both Hammond parents, these two Gamecocks-turned-Skyhawks have spent the better part of a year hard at work answering questions from parents and students, tracing possible contact, reviewing symptoms, and tending to the everyday medical needs of Skyhawks of all ages.  

Admittedly, this has been a year like no other and a far cry from the days of band-aids and ice packs. In true Hammond fashion, Jessica and Crystal have risen to the occasion, always putting what is in the best interest of our school community first and foremost.

On behalf of the entire Hammond family ... a heartfelt thank-you for your tireless efforts on behalf of each and every Skyhawk.