Alumni Spotlight: Rosanne Sullivan Prim '09

Cissy Pope

Voted ‘Most Organized’ in her Senior Class, is it any surprise Rosanne Sullivan Prim ‘09 recently founded her own regulatory consulting firm, Clean Plate Law, LLC in Boston, Massachusetts?  

“I was sworn into the DC Bar in January 2021 and will be sworn into the Massachusetts Bar this coming spring. While in law school, I discovered a deep passion for food and drug law, which is primarily practiced in DC. While Boston is known as one of the major life sciences hubs in the US, it also has a bustling food industry to boot. By founding Clean Plate Law, LLC, I am able to help food and drug entrepreneurs navigate the complicated and ever evolving regulatory landscape. I find that while these entrepreneurs may not yet need or be able to engage a large law firm, they always appreciate the knowledge and ability to cut through complex regulations and legalese. It is my honor to help them make their next steps towards successful product launches and marketing. Hammond helped teach me to not be afraid of my dreams, even if they are different from the "norm.” 
Rosanne Prim began Hammond in the first grade and graduated in 2009. Along the way, Hammond played a pivotal role in guiding her to her ultimate career of being an attorney. “After elementary school, I wasn't a huge fan of math, only because it didn't come naturally to me like writing and foreign languages did. However, during my senior year I took Mr. Neal's Finite Math class. Through this course, I learned to expand my view of what constituted "math" and actually saw how it was applicable in the real world. Probabilities and logic games were particularly fascinating to me, and I distinctly remember one day in Mr. Neal's class when we were going over a difficult probabilities homework assignment. After I explained an answer, Mr. Neal just looked at me and said, "I hope you go to law school." That simple comment stuck with me for the remainder of high school and throughout my undergraduate years. At the time, he didn't know that there was a long line of attorneys in my family and that I quietly questioned whether I had it in me to follow that lineage. Mr. Neal’s comment helped build the necessary confidence for me to ultimately succeed in the legal profession.” 
“When I was a student, the motto was "Explore Your World." Hammond instilled within me a true hunger to not only see places outside of South Carolina and the United States, but to understand and appreciate various cultures. Our countries of study, numerous international trips through Select Ensemble (Italy, Austria, Germany), Theater (Les Mis, Fringe Festival in Edinburgh), as well as class trips (Belize, Costa Rica, DC, Williamsburg, Earthshine, Nantahala River, Outward Bound, etc.) have all had lasting impacts on my world views and personal motivation to use my law degree to make the United States a more equitable place for all. Whenever my husband and I travel to a new place, I make it a mission to experience the culture, not simply the easy to find tourist activities.” 
Apart from Clean Plate Law, LLC, Rosanne is active with the Boston Bar Association, the Food is Medicine Massachusetts movement in collaboration with the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, and the Food and Drug Law Institute.