Theatre Arts (Grades 7-8)

Focuses on experiential learning where students participate in speaking, moving, creating, doing, and evaluating activities. These activities develop learning skills, promote self-expression, and increase the student’s ability to interact with and be tolerant of others. Inherent in this process is the development of personal discipline, self-confidence and critical thinking skills.

Theatre Arts (Elective, Grades 9-12)

Provides the opportunity to participate in a variety of areas including acting, directing, playwriting, costume, makeup, and other activities related to theatrical production and organization. The curriculum is based on the belief that truthful acting is created by great storytelling, physical behavior and sensory work. Training and techniques are facilitated by the use of great theatrical literature from Shakespeare to modern playwrights.


Theatre Tech

Technical Theatre (Grades 7-8)

Introduces students to the fundamentals of working behind the scenes.  Seventh grade students acquire skills in reading and drafting ground plans and the safe use of tools.  Eighth grade students take a playwright’s script through design phases including historical research, ground plans, elevations, and a detailed quarter-inch scale model.

Technical Theatre (Elective, Grades 9-12)

Gives students experience in fundamental concepts like lighting, scenery, and sound design, as well as how the design process relates to the playwright’s script and the director’s vision. Students participate in the daily running of the theatre, getting hands on experience in carpentry, painting, and operating sound and lighting equipment. These concepts are introduced to new students or reinforced for those with previous experience (this course may be repeated several times.)



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