PLUS Programs - Private Lessons

PLUS Programs provide students in high school as well as adults the opportunity to study and learn privately through our organized private lessons.  Participants of any level who enroll in one of these classes will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor learning technique, theory, and repertoire in a fun, engaging and encouraging environment. Some of our private lesson enrichment offerings include: trombone, flute, voice, violin, piano, guitar, fiction writing, an intensive writing workshop, and independent literature studies.  

Private lessons may be available on campus in assigned classrooms and facilities before or afterschool and on weekends.  Hammond students in our Upper School may participate in private lessons during scheduled breaks.  Private lessons will not be scheduled during academic classes.

Classes are available to all Hammond and non-Hammond students and families and are offered based on availability.  Participants are to register for the private enrichment programs first, pay a deposit, and will be charged per half hour for the lesson(s) weekly. Private lessons taken during the week will be charged to the participant’s credit card on file at the end of each week through the online registration.  

Participants are expected to notify Private PLUS Program Instructors at least 24 hours in advance of missing a scheduled lesson. The instructors and/or Director of Auxiliary Programs may make exceptions in the event of sudden illness or emergency.  The Private PLUS Program Instructors may provide makeup lessons subject to agreement with the participants. Private PLUS Program Instructors are allowed to set their own attendance policy as long as it adheres to the following:

•Excused absences will be made-up or a credit given as determined by the instructor.  Excused absences will consist of, but not be limited to, school sponsored trips, sickness (with proper notice), school testing, school change of scheduling, and circumstances out of participant's control (determined by instructor)

•Unexcused absences will not be refunded or made up by the instructor. The participant will be charged for the scheduled lesson and the instructor will be paid.  Unexcused absences will consist of, but not limited to, forgetting about lessons, absences without at least 24-hour notification, or the participant choosing to do another activity during the scheduled lesson.

Participants may stop scheduling private lessons at anytime. A participant may be dropped by an instructor, with approval of the Director of Auxiliary Programs, for excessive absences, failure to make satisfactory progress or inappropriate behavior.

Instructors are required to make every effort to keep scheduled lesson times. In the event that an instructor is unable to attend a scheduled lesson the instructor must provide a make-up lesson or the participant will receive a refund for the scheduled lesson(s) missed.  

Participants attending private lessons are to be pay in full at the end of each week.  If the full payment for private lessons has not been submitted prior to the beginning of the following week will result in termination of participation in PLUS Programs.

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2016-17 Private Lesson Catalog Updated 1.6.17

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