Internship Host Program

The Hammond Real World Connection invites the Columbia community to serve as summer internship hosts for current 11th grade students. Hammond students are interested in gaining career experience in a variety of areas: business, finance, sports marketing, fashion design, technology, education, medicine, law, event planning, foreign government services, politics, and language. Hammond has always believed in creating learning opportunities outside of the classroom. The myriad of professional opportunities and challenges in today’s world can be intimidating for young people, and the current job market requires specialized training and experience in order to be competitive and successful. As our students continue their education, through Hammond and beyond, students will draw on the experiences afforded them and hopefully make better and more informed decisions about their career choices.

Internship Host Information

The Hammond Real World Connection needs the support of professionals in the Columbia community who are willing to share their career experience with a Hammond student. These rising seniors are interested in a broad range of careers, from medicine to managing a non-profit, and from marketing to photography.

Internship Details:

  • Unpaid
  • Typically two-weeks in duration
  • Intern days and hours can be flexible based on host’s schedule
  • Internships take place during the summer months

While all opportunities for our students to work for, interact with and observe professionals in their workplace are useful and appreciated, internships are intended to be more than merely “following around the professional” for a few days. Students are seeking an experience during which they actually contribute and provide value to the company or organization. The experience can also ideally provide an opportunity for the student to determine whether a contemplated profession or subject matter of interest would or would not likely be a good fit for the student in practice. This, in turn, can greatly assist students as they fine-tune their college search during the fall semester of senior year.

Please help us give these smart and motivated students a chance to discover how their talents and aptitudes can be applied in the workplace! Please consider thoughtfully the gift of your time and expertise. You can really make a difference. Take a Skyhawk under your wing and volunteer to offer a summer internship by Friday, February 6th.

You may fill out the form below to participate or to find out more about providing an internship, please contact Anne Fowler, or 803.776.0295 ext. 1034.

Internship Host Form


If you are interested in serving as a host, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you to confirm your interest and request any necessary additional information

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