Upper School New Families

Welcome to the Upper School.  We welcome you as a Skyhawk and look forward to seeing you as an active participant in the Upper School.

Key Contacts:

Upper School Office:  Betsy Lehman - 695-4012 (elehman@hammondschool.org)
Upper School Head:  René Bickley - 695-4013 (rbickley@hammondschool.org)
Student Billing:  Kathy Hennessee - 695-4026 (khennessee@hammondschool.org)
Athletic Office:  Julie Ross - 695-4011 (jross@hammondschool.org)
College Counseling Office:  Ruby Elenz - 695-8625 (relenz@hammondschool.org

UpperSchool Summer Reading

Just as athletic training during off season is required to maintain and improve physical prowess, reading over the summer promotes intellectual agility and improves verbal skills.  These skills are important to academic success within the classroom and as well as on standardized tests required for college admissions. Summer reading requirements in the Upper School revolve around course-specific assignments within English, History, and in some instances the World Language Department. Please click on the link below to access information concerning our Upper School Summer Reading Requirements.

Dress Code

Our uniform provider is Land's End and our school code is 900093188. 

Uniform Guidelines

Student Vehicle Permits and Parking

Hammond 10th-12th graders are allowed to park on campus. Parking permits will be available the first week of school.  Look for more details to come late summer.  Students must register their car in the Upper School office and display the student vehicle permit sticker on the bottom left, drive side front window. Student parking in the student parking lot located immediately on the right after entering the front gate, as well as along the fence located beside the Upper School gym.


Upper School students are required to purchase their own textbooks.  There are generally two types of textbooks used in the Upper School:  Hard Copy Textbooks and Etexts.

  • Hard Copy Textbooks:  Once US students receive course schedules in early August, please use the link below to access a course-specific list of any hard copy textbooks required for each course.  Using the ISBN and edition information provided, families can purchase hard copy textbooks from any source the family chooses.
  • Etexts:  If there is no hard copy text listed for a course, individual course instructors will provide etext purchase details within the first few days of school.  Most etexts are easily purchased using a credit card and are downloadable in minutes.  Individual teachers will provide clear instructions for class-specific etexts and apps during the opening days of school so that families may purchase these from the comfort of their homes.

2017-18 Textbook List

Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal

Upper School students may arrive at 7:30 a.m. unless they have an early scheduled event.  Upper School classes begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and students arriving after that should report to the Upper School Office to sign-in.

Upper School classes dismiss for the day at 3:20 and the school day ends following extra help sessions which are available until 4:00.  Upper School students who are not participating in a supervised afterschool activity are expected to depart campus at the close of the school day. 


If your student is out sick they should email their teachers directly to check on missed assignments and notify Betsy Lehman in the Upper School office.


If your child will be playing a JV or Varsity sport, please fill out this SCISA New Student/Transfer Student form and return it to the Athletic Office.  All athletes must make sure their Magnus forms, which include SCISA sports physical forms, are complete prior to any athletic practice.  Questions regarding athletics may be directed to Jeff Barnes, Athletic Director, 695-4022, jbarnes@hammondschool.org

SCISA New/Transfer Student Form



Hammond School

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