Admission Process

Hammond seeks to bring together a group of young and capable students who will flourish in a challenging, but nurturing environment.  The admission committee evaluates each student on the basis of a personal visit, admission testing, academic record, and teacher recommendations.  The committee also places a large emphasis on strong character, social development, emotional maturity and intellectual curiosity.  Hammond best serves those students who are prepared and motivated to meet the demands of a college preparatory environment.

We are delighted you are exploring Hammond and look forward to working with you during this exciting time for you and your family.  Below you will find helpful information to guide you through the admission process.

Step 1:  Visit

Schedule a tour of Hammond by contacting the Admission Office at (803) 695-4018.

Step 2: Apply

Submit a completed application along with the $75 application fee. A paper application may be requested by contacting the Admission Office at (803) 695-4018.

Step 3:  Submit Supporting Documentation

Provide Teacher Recommendation and Transcript Request forms to your child’s teachers, principal, counselor or registrar (as appropriate) along with an envelope addressed to the Admission Office.  Student applications will not be considered until the file is complete.

Students Applying to Grades PK-1:

Please submit the Teacher Recommendation form.

Students Applying to Grades 2-4:

Please submit the Teacher Recommendation form and Transcript Request form

Students Applying to Grades 5-12:

Please submit two Teacher Recommendation forms and the Transcript Request form.  Students applying to grades 5-12 must also complete the Applicant Statement and submit a writing sample (found within the online application).

Applicants for grades 5 and above must submit their most recent test scores from one or more of the following tests: SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ERB, ISEE, Stanford, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Otis-Lennon, or other official state standardized test.  Hammond reserves the right to require an applicant to undergo additional testing.  Hammond is recognized as a SSAT test site.

Step 4: Student Visit

Students applying to PK-1st grade will be asked to spend a portion of the school morning in a classroom of their current age group. 

Students applying to 2nd-12th grade will be asked to spend a full day on campus.  We will make every effort to make their visit as comfortable as possible by pairing them with a current Hammond student of the same age who shares similar interests.

Hammond teachers will interact with all candidates observing cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Step 5: Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying for financial aid and have not requested information, please let us know.  All correspondence is confidential.  To apply, you will need the application from School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS).  Please refer to the Affordability tab for detailed information. 

Hammond School

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