Rigorous Academic Standards That Prepare And Push

Our academic standards are high at Hammond, it's true.  So you might be surprised to discover the most important tenet of our school philosophy is inspiring and nurturing a genuine love of learning in every student.  Can this be accomplished in a rigorous academic environment?  Unequivocally, yes.

Our Lower School seeks to foster active rather than passive learning.  Imaginations soar amid a challenging academic setting that encourages children to question, not simply accept.  Each Middle School year is designed to meet the rapidly changing developmental needs of that specific time in a student's life; 8th grade is vastly different from 5th grade, and our curriculum-as well as our instruction philosophy-is reflective of that reality.  While focused on rigorous college prep, Hammond's Upper School strives to create in students a strong desire to become involved world citizens who have a sense of honor, discipline and compassion.

Hammond School

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