Curriculum Overview

Hammond School offers a college-preparatory curriculum which promotes the love of learning for a lifetime. The
school embraces the Judeo-Christian tradition of moral and ethical values, but respects all religious beliefs and traditions and seeks applicants of all races, religions, and nationalities. The mission of Hammond School is to instill in students a commitment to academic excellence and a recognition of individual potential that will contribute to the development of their characters.


1. A Hammond education should enable students to become compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, to possess an expanding awareness and appreciation of the nature and mystery of all human beings, and to foster a sense of wonder about the world and the universe. Hammond intends to prepare students to become “global citizens.”

2. Hammond students should learn to treasure the worth of each individual as well as their own potential for growth. Each student should develop the ability to think both logically and creatively and to excel at solving problems.

3. Hammond students should read with understanding and acute critical thinking skills and should inculcate the ability to express their views cogently in both oral and written forms. Hammond encourages students to achieve mastery of the grammar and mechanics of standard English.

4. A Hammond education emphasizes the tools of arithmetic computation and the methods and theory of algebra and geometry--skills which contribute to students’ ability to solve both abstract and applied problems.

5. Hammond students should be trained in methods of scientific investigation of the natural world, of human social structures and of psychology.

6. Hammond students should be literate users of information. Each student should be familiar with learning resource materials and technology, including calculators, computers, Internet sources, CD-ROM, and other electronic media.

7. Hammond School promotes respect for and understanding of other cultures through study of language, history, geography, art, etc. and through encouraging travel to other countries.

8. Hammond School recognizes the centrality of spiritual growth in the lives of students to developing integrity, honesty, and healthy personal relationships.

9. Hammond students are urged to develop courage to oppose injustice, to fight prejudice, and to promote tolerance and understanding.

10. Hammond School encourages participation in athletic teams as a means of promoting healthy competition, a heightened sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, and the ability to manage time carefully and productively.

11. Hammond School promotes development of talent in and appreciation of the arts, music, drama, and other areas of aesthetic expression.

12. Hammond students are taught to profit from leisure activities, from community service, and from experiences of failure and loss. Leadership, service, optimism, balance, and sense of humor are honored among all students.

13. Hammond School confers upon students a tremendous amount of individual trust and personal freedom and expects students to behave with responsibility, self-discipline, and initiative.



Hammond School

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