ACE Summer Tutoring

The Academic Center for Excellence coordinates academic support services and enrichment for all middle and upper school students. Although our staff is not on campus during the summer, the ACE continues to be a resource for information about summer opportunities for academic support. Many families already have personal relationships with community tutors, but others are interested in guidance about available resources on campus.


Summer tutoring is intended to provide additional instruction and enrichment for middle and upper school students in specific subject areas. Summer tutoring does not replace a formal credit or change a final grade on a student’s transcript. Tutoring is intended to build skills and fill gaps in mastery of the material, so that a child can confidently and successfully move to the next level in the upcoming school year. Because children of all ages need time away from school in the summer in order to begin the next school year rested and excited to learn, Hammond will advise families about a tutoring schedule which balances the academic and personal needs of the student.

Scheduling and Fees

Hammond has screened and approved a list of tutors to provide these services on campus for our families. Division Heads will collaborate with families to determine appropriate tutors and scheduling options. Families will then contact the tutor in order to finalize a schedule for sessions. Although tutoring fees remain the same during the summer in terms of hourly rates ($60 for subject tutoring, $75 for SAT/ACT), the frequency and duration of sessions are determined by the tutor and family. The age and needs of the student will often dictate these decisions. Due to busy summer schedules, we require 24-hour cancellation of any scheduled session; last-minute cancellations/no-shows will still be billed. Rescheduling or cancellations are communicated directly between the family and the tutor, not through Hammond. All tutoring sessions will be billed through Hammond’s business office.


Although these services are managed by the Academic Center for Excellence, tutoring sessions may occur in Hammond classrooms as well. Tutors and students will sign in at the front desk in Barks Hall prior to each session. A tutoring log is maintained by each tutor in order to assist in the documentation and billing of sessions. Tutoring may only occur during business hours when administration and staff are present in Barks Hall. Weekend or evening tutoring is not permitted.

Proficiency Tutoring

Any upper school student ending the year with a failing grade in a specific course necessary for graduation, will be required to repeat the class or to attend an approved, accredited summer school program. If a student makes a D in an upper school world language or math class, he or she is not permitted to progress in that subject area until proficiency is demonstrated. Teachers and administrators collaborate to determine a summer tutoring plan to meet a student’s individual needs. Tutors will be given specific guidance from the classroom teacher in order to facilitate planning for the content and scheduling of sessions. Proficiency exams are created by the teachers and department chairs. These exams will be administered by the division office or the ACE after a minimum of 10 hours of tutoring, if a tutor and the department chair feel that a student is ready. If a student fails to demonstrate mastery of the material on the proficiency exam, the student will be required to complete 30 hours of tutoring. It is possible that, even after tutoring, a family will be encouraged to have their child repeat a class rather than to progress to the next level. Our goal is to make every effort to help a child progress, but individual circumstances and student needs are always considered. The College Counseling Office will be consulted in all of these decisions and given formal documentation of the completion of the proficiency requirement. 

SAT and ACT Tutoring

The ACE is home to some of our community’s top tutors for standardized testing. Individual and joint sessions are available for the same rates as during the school year. Summer is often a valuable opportunity to build these skills outside the busy academic schedule.

Summer Tutoring Contract

Please print out the following contract and bring it to your first tutoring session.

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