ACE Services


Every student is encouraged to seek extra help from his or her classroom teacher first and foremost. The ACE is intended to support the work of Hammond’s teachers and to provide individualized guidance and support services for all our students.

Parent and Teacher Consultation

ACE staff is available to meet with parents and teachers to help coordinate support services for a student. Each student accessing services in the ACE is assigned a primary academic enrichment advisor who will facilitate regular communication in order to insure that a student’s needs are being effectively met. If a student needs services which are not provided at Hammond, our staff will assist with those referrals as well.

Testing Room

The ACE provides a quiet, secure testing room whenever needed. This is a valuable resource for our classroom teachers when students need a place to take a test outside of the regularly scheduled time for the class. ACE staff is always available to make sure that students continue to have access to teachers for any questions during the administration of the test.  

Global Academic Support

Many students can benefit from individualized instruction related to global academic skills that can be used in every class. ACE teachers are available to all middle and upper school students to help develop better skills in terms of note-taking, studying, test-taking, organization, time management, and general paper writing. Students may set up individual and small group appointments with ACE teachers during lunch, homeroom, study hall, free periods or after school.

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Some students need subject-specific tutoring in addition to extra help from the classroom teacher. The ACE recruits and screens qualified tutors in our community to come on campus to provide their services to our students both during and after the school day. Individual referral recommendations are provided to families upon request. Families are responsible for communicating with tutors about scheduling and cancellations. All tutoring must occur in the ACE between 7:30am and 4:00pm. Students may schedule tutoring appointments during free periods, study halls and after school. No classes are ever missed for the purpose of tutoring. Hammond has negotiated lower rates with these tutors as a service to our families.

Subject specific tutoring sessions are $45 per class period. These subject specific sessions after school are $60 per hour. ACT and SAT tutoring fees are $75 per class period for individual sessions. Fees for small group instruction are determined by group size and duration.

Billing of families and payment of tutors is managed by the ACE on a monthly schedule. ACE tutors are expected to communicate with classroom teachers to make sure that tutoring time is most effective in supporting classroom learning and success. Our tutors have extensive experience in the classroom and in private tutoring working with struggling students with and without diagnosed learning differences.

Enrichment Classes and Parent Workshops

Hammond strives to bring new and different educational opportunities to all of our students and families. We are looking forward to developing this aspect of our services in years to come. Classes are proposed by community experts and designed in collaboration with ACE staff.

Academic Skills and Resource Courses

Hammond offers an Academic Skills course to all 6th graders.  The 6th graders will meet once a week with the ACE instructor to go over their agenda, note-taking strategies, test taking tips, and other global study skills.  Another Academic Skills course is available for 9th graders.  The course is available to any 9th grader and is a semester, GPA elective.  In this course the instructor will go over learning styles, test taking strategies, active studying techniques, and other valuable study skills for the student’s current courses.



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