ACE Frequently Asked Questions

Which students may use the ACE?
All Middle and Upper School Hammond students.

How may I learn more about how my child can benefit from the ACE?
Please call or stop by to set up an appointment. Our staff is happy to explain all of the services we offer and how we can help your child.

Who refers students to the ACE?
Parents, division heads, faculty, or students themselves

Which services are included in Hammond’s tuition and which ones are fee-based?
Although some schools charge fees for all types of academic support, Hammond has chosen otherwise. Our staff is available for consultation, referrals, and instruction related to global academic skills. Fees only apply for subject-specific tutoring by our in-house community tutors.

What are the tutoring fees?
Tutoring fees are based on 45-minute individual sessions as this is what fits into our school schedule. Subject specific tutoring is $45 per session and SAT tutoring is $75 per session. Some families choose to access tutoring services in small groups and then fees are negotiated with each tutor based on the specifics of the arrangement. All tutoring fees are billed through a student’s school account.

May a private tutor come on campus to work with a child in the ACE during school hours?
Any tutor or professional providing services on our campus must go through the full application and screening process in the ACE. Applicants will complete a background check and be interviewed by the ACE director.

Does the ACE provide interventions for specific learning disabilities?
Our staff is eager to assist students with global academic skill building in the context of and with consideration for a child’s specific learning profile; however, we do not provide diagnosis-specific intervention or therapy. Families are encouraged to seek services such as Orton Gillingham instruction, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy with experts in our community. If you would like for these professionals to work with your child in the ACE during the school day, please contact our director to make individual arrangements. 


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