Private Independent school from PK through 12th grade.
A Weekly Blog Post: Why Hammond?

Why Hammond?

List of 4 news stories.

  • The Arts at Hammond

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  • College Counseling at Hammond: Second to None

    College Counseling is one of the most impressive features of the Hammond experience.  By the time students enter tenth grade, plans are well underway to ensure a successful journey through the college application process.
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  • Early Technology Week

    Fifth Grade students are immersed in an authentic learning experience that complements the social studies curriculum.  Early Technology Week employs primtive technology skills to demonstrate ways our ancestors lived, and engage students in lost art forms.
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  • Our Spin on the Globe: Country of Study Program

    Hammond has been putting its own spin on the globe since 1989 by sending faculty members to places far and wide.  The journey ends right back in the classroom!
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