College Planning Sophmore Year

Your Sophomore Year...
What Should You Be Doing???

By the time students become sophomores at Hammond School, they should have successfully maneuvered the transition into Upper School. Sophomores should be ready to focus on enhancing their academic opportunities, accepting responsibility for personal academic success, and seeking opportunities for involvement in the larger life of the school through extra-curricular activities.

Ideally, a sophomore should be completely engaged in the life of Hammond Upper School and should be spending significant amounts of time investing in a Hammond education both inside and outside the traditional classroom environment. As a part of that engagement, a sophomore should continue to pursue the habits for success honed during the freshman experience:

  • Take challenging courses and do well in those courses. As colleges consider applicants, nothing takes the place of strong academic achievement in a rigorous curriculum.
  • If your freshman year was less than stellar, make up your mind to improve. Colleges are willing to overlook a poor start IF a student shows sustained improvement over the next three years.
  • If your freshman year was a strong one, keep up the good work. Colleges expect you to maintain effort and focus. A downward spiral will hurt your chance of admission.
  • READ, READ, READ and take advantage of the writing opportunities you have in various courses. The SAT emphasizes critical reading and has a writing section.
  • Practice good study skills, time management, and organization.
    • Use an assignment book
    • Review nightly material covered in class (even when no homework has been assigned)
    • Schedule work and study time
    • Organize your study materials (notes, handouts, etc)
    • Keep your options open
  • Get to know your teachers. Let them get to know you.
  • Get involved outside the classroom (performing/visual arts, athletics, special interest clubs, student government, service projects). Sophomores should begin to focus more on the activities that have become most meaningful to them. Explore leadership roles in areas of involvement.


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