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Welcome to Hawk Ridge Camp

Welcome to Hawk Ridge Full Day Camp at Hammond!  Get ready for an action packed adventure with interactive, hands-on experiences, field trips and an opportunity to participate in one of our summer theatre productions.  At Hammond, we are committed to providing the best summer experience for our campers, while keeping their safety top priority.  A lot of careful planning and preparation has been put into this program to ensure we are providing a high quality full day camp for each camper, and providing multiple opportunities for campers to meet new friends and make memories that will last a lifetime!

We hope to see you at Hawk Ridge this summer, for one week or all eight!  Come and experience the fun and excitement at Hawk Ridge.  We are confident you will not regret it!


Mrs. Tari Goodwin and Ms. Kate Woodham
Summer Program Coordinators

Summer Programs Office: 803.776.0295, ext. 2002

Hawk Ridge Full Day Camp

Hammond’s Hawk Ridge Camp is designed to provide campers from rising PK through 6 graders with a summer full of fun, age-appropriate activities, and a variety of hands-on enrichment opportunities while building self-esteem through positive interactions. Campers are divided into three age groups: PK – 1 grades, 2 – 4 grades, and 5 – 6 grades. Each camper will have the opportunity to experience a variety of field trips and field studies as well as music, dance, theatre, art, sports, outdoor adventures, science experiments, and much more! Camp activities are carefully organized according to age group, are planned in advance, and provide hands-on interactive learning in a stimulating and safe environment. This program is designed to provide a safe environment in which campers can have fun, learn, relax, thrive, smile, laugh, make new friends, and great memories at Hammond!

Hawk Ridge Hours

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Campers may be dropped off early, have lunch between a morning and afternoon summer program, or be picked up late with our Extended Camp Program option for an additional fee.

Extended Camp Program Options: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM* and 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

*Hawk Ridge campers registered as full day may attend from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM free of charge. Campers registered in our other summer programs may attend, but will be charged an hourly rate of $10 for using this service.

Hawk Ridge Daily Schedule

Hawk Ridge Rates

Campers may register to attend Hawk Ridge for only one day, or up to five days in one week. If campers choose to register for less than one week the rate is $40 per day. The rate for campers registered to attend our full day camp is $185 per week. We also provide a half-day camp with two time options available: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM or 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM. The rate for our half-day camp is $100 per week.

Hawk Ridge Apparel

The first 150 campers registered to attend Hawk Ridge will receive 1 Hawk Ridge Summer Camp t-shirt. Every camper will receive 1 Hammond Summer Programs water bottle.  Sizing information for t-shirts is included through the Hammond Summer Programs online registration process. Campers are required to wear their Hawk Ridge Summer Camp t-shirt on days that a field trip is scheduled.  Campers are encouraged to leave their Summer Programs water bottle at Hawk Ridge to ensure they have one each day.

Hammond Summer Programs apparel items available for purchase:

Hawk Ridge Summer Camp t-shirts - $12; Hammond Summer Programs t-shirts - $12; Hammond Summer Programs water bottles - $6; Hammond Summer Programs youth/adult sun visors - $10; Summer Programs draw string back packs - $5; Summer Programs Tervis Tumblers - $13; Hammond Summer Programs Umbrellas (44") - $15; Hammond Summer Programs Youth Aprons - $6; Hammond Summer Programs Tote Bags - $2; and Hammond Summer Programs Beach Balls - $1.  Supplies are limited.  

Hammond Summer Programs Apparel & Accessories Online Order Form

e-Notes and Communication

Each week families will receive an e-note that will provide updates, reminders, and information regarding the upcoming week of Hawk Ridge events and activities. It is important to provide us with an email address that is checked regularly.  Please be sure to follow us on Twitter @Mr_KNWhite and "like" us on Facebook as we will be posting pictures and short video clips of campers daily, as well as the latest updates, reminders, and information.  Also, updated Hawk Ridge calendars will be provided through email and posted on Twitter and Facebook.

4:00 PM Carpool

Campers not registered to attend our After-Camp Program beginning at 4:00 PM will be escorted to carpool for pick-up. Carpool for Hawk Ridge Campers is located in front of the Lower School. Campers that have not been picked-up by 4:10 PM will be escorted to the After-Camp Program and charged accordingly.

Hawk Ridge by the Week

Campers are invited to join us for just one week or for the entire eight weeks. The weeks do not need to be consecutive. Please remember that Hammond Summer Programs will be closed June 30 - July 4.

Week 1: June 2 – 6   Adventure Land
Campers will begin their summer engaged in exploring Adventure Land! Campers will take an adventurous journey with Hammond’s Naturalist-in-Residence, Mr. Tom Mancke to gain courage and knowledge of the great outdoors. We will also experience the excitement of thrill seeking, when participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Cannot wait to take a walk on the “Wild Side!”

Week 2: June 9 – 13  Skyhawk Sports Week
Campers attending this week will have a ball! This week campers will explore the many athletic events taking place around Hammond’s campus. Campers will participate in a variety of organized sport activities in order to maintain and build on their individual physical ability and team building skills. Our goal is to develop a sportsmanship attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy toward teammates and opponents, and grace in victory or defeat.

Week 3: June 16 – 20 The Mighty Jungle Week
Welcome to the jungle, the Mighty Jungle! Campers will explore the many animals that inhabit our World; from your neighbor’s Grumpy Cat, to the King of the Jungle! We will also learn more about animal camouflaging and how it helps many animals avoid detection by predators or prey because it allows them to blend in to their natural environments. Campers will get a chance to practice this unique camouflaging talent, during a game of Hide & Seek.

Week 4: June 23 – 27 Superheroes Week
Discover your inner Superhero! This week we will dig deep to find what "extraordinary or superhuman powers” we possess.   Campers will participate in Karate enrichment activities, a personalized fitness test, and will also have an opportunity to dress attend camp as their favorite Superhero. We will also welcome local Superheroes that are dedicated to protecting the public!

All Summer Programs Closed: June 30 – July 4

Week 5: July 7 – 11 Mission Impossible Week
Campers will work as detectives to investigate clues and evidence to successfully solve missions.   Campers will try to develop a plan to find hidden unique treasures!

Week 6: July 14 – 18 Splish-Splash Week
Splish-Splash We Are Taking a Bath! This week will be filled with Fun and Exciting water play activities. Campers will have water balloons, sponge relay races, slip-n-slide, and sprinklers to keep you cool! Also come join us for a deep-sea plunge where you'll meet colorful characters that take you into the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef!

Week 7: July 21 – 25 Master Chef Week
Move over grown-ups…the kids are taking over the kitchen! Come join us as you prepare tasty treats, share favorite kid-friendly recipes, and explore locally grown produce!

Week 8: July 28 – August 1  Hollywood Week
Lights, Camera, Action! During this last week of Hawk Ridge, campers will walk the red carpet, personalize their star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and also have the opportunity to showcase their amazing talents with our very own Hammond’s Got Talent Show! Be on your best behavior “Paparazzi are Everywhere”! In addition, this week we may even have a few local “celebrities” from the community come to visit us…you never know who you will see in Hollywood!

Dress-up Days

June 2 – Wear your favorite hat.
June 11 – Wear your favorite sports team gear.
June 18 – Wear your camouflage.
June 25 – Dress as your favorite Superhero.
July 9 – Dress in all black and white.
July 14 – 18: Wear your swim gear.
July 23 – Wear your favorite apron.
July 30 – Dress to impress or come as your favorite celebrity.

WOW! Wednesday Activities

WOW! Wednesday activities are normally scheduled every Wednesday with all Hawk Ridge Campers from 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated below.

June 4 – Bike Day: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet at the Football Stadium for directions. Campers are invited to bring their bikes and other self-propelled items to camp to ride on the track for an afternoon stroll. Details will be provided to families registered for camp this week.

June 11 – Sports Buffet: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet in the Lower School Gym for directions. Campers will participate in a variety of “ball sports” such as: basketball, soccer, football, broomball, ping-pong, bocce ball, etc. Campers will demonstrate control of large and small muscles for movement, navigation and balance needed for their physical well-being.

June 18 – Hide and Seek, Animal Camouflaging: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet on the Galaxy Playground for the activity directions. The campers will use their “animal instincts” while engaging in a game of hide and seek. Campers will learn to use information previously taught about how animals use camouflaging to remain hidden from predators.

June 25 – Sarah Dippity: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet in the Lower School Gym for the directions. The campers will show an interest in the world of imagination while engaged in a performance by the talented Sarah Dippity. Campers will display levels of attention and maintain positive adult-child relationships during this interaction.

July 9Dinosaur Egg Hunt: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet on the Galaxy for the activity instructions. Campers will go on a hunt for Dinosaur eggs. Using our detective instincts the campers will search to find all the Dinosaur eggs hidden around the Lower School.

July 16 – Water Balloon Toss: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet at the Football Stadium for the activity instructions. Each camper will be paired with another camper to promote appropriate peer interactions. Campers are encouraged to effectively communicate with their partner and work together to prevent their water balloon from busting during the toss. Let’s find out which campers can toss their water balloon the longest without it busting!

July 23 – Milkshake Treat: At 3:30 PM all campers will meet in the Kiva for the activity directions. Campers will be allowed to select which ingredients that they would like to use to create their special Milkshake treat. The campers will also be engaged in positive peer interactions while demonstrating small muscle control using appropriate utensils.

July 30 – Hammond’s Got Talent: This WOW! Wednesday activity is from 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM this week. At 3:15 PM all campers will meet in the Bank of America Theatre for the activity directions. The campers will be given the option to participate as an individual or with a partner/small group to showcase their talent. This activity will allow campers to develop and display a sense of self, and confidence in their skills and abilities. Families that are scheduled to pick up their camper from Hawk Ridge at 4:00 PM are to pick them up from the Bank of America Theatre.

FUN Friday Activities

June 6 – South Campus Overnight Sleep Over: Campers attending this week will top it off Skyhawk style with a South Campus Overnight Sleep Over. Details and information regarding this FUN Friday event will be provided to families on the first day of camp.

June 13 – Friend Day: All campers are encouraged to invite a friend to camp for lunch and join us for the afternoon (friends must register through our online registration database to attend). For lunch, we will enjoy every child’s favorite food, pizza! Campers are to wear their Hawk Ridge Summer Camp t-shirt.

June 20 – Pet Day: Campers will be able to bring their pet to camp! Campers will meet and learn first-hand how to care for and have a better understanding of animals with professional guest speakers from animal-related jobs. More information will be provided to families registered for this week.

June 27 – Ice Cream Sundae: There is nothing wrong with a little junk food every now and then right? Campers will try to beat the heat by enjoying a bowl of ice cream with all the trimmings.

July 11 – Fossil Cookie: Campers will be put to the test when working as skilled paleontologists on a mission to remove all chocolate chips from chocolate chip cooking using only a toothpick. Campers will develop a greater understanding of how difficult fossil removal can be!

July 18 – Dive in!: Campers will travel to meet the University of South Carolina swim team. There, campers will have an opportunity to witness trained swimmers and divers as they demonstrate their aquatic talent. Campers are to wear their Hawk Ridge Summer Camp t-shirt.

July 25 – Christmas in July Day: Campers will wear red and green, watch a Christmas movie, and celebrate the holiday season despite the heat of July! Each camper is also encouraged to bring any non-perishable food item that will be placed under the Christmas tree. All items will be donated to the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

August 1 – Carowinds Amusement Park (Optional Participation): Looking for fun? Campers will visit the thrill capital of the Southeast for a day of excitement. There is truly something for everyone at Carowinds! Campers, prepare to feel the presence that will make your senses come alive with excitement. Be sure to register to attend this very special opportunity!! More information will be provided to families registered for this week. Campers may attend the special field trip to Carowinds for an additional fee of $20 to be applied to transportation cost, staff, and admission ticket to the park. Campers that wish to attend this special field trip must register in advance! Campers that do not attend the field trip to Carowinds will be engaged in several fun and exciting, hands-on activities at Hammond!

Camp Activities

Hawk Ridge camp activities include arts and crafts; fitness and games; sports; field trips; Nature and Science; iPad activities; WOW! Wednesdays; weekly Dress-up Days; Theatre Productions; and weekly FUN Friday activities.  For more information about our Hawk Ridge activities please refer to the Hawk Ridge Camp Packet.

Calendars list weekly field trips and other activities.  Please note that additional field trips and activities may be scheduled up to each week of camp.  Updated calendars will be provided through email and posted on Twitter and Facebook.

June Hawk Ridge Calendar

July/August Hawk Ridge Calendar

If you have questions about field trips and/or activities scheduled for Hawk Ridge please contact the Summer Programs Office at 803.776.0295, ext. 2002.

Hawk Ridge Activity Plans

Below are weekly Hawk Ridge activity plans for each group.  Please note that activity plans may change up to the week of camp.  Families registered to attend will receive an e-note one or two days prior to the start of camp to provide reminders and any updates regarding the Hawk Ridge events and activities planned.

Rising PK-1 Activity Plans:
Week 1 - June 2-6
Week 2 - June 9-13
Week 3 - June 16-20
Week 4 - June 23-27
Week 5 - July 7-11
Week 6 - July 14-18
Week 7 - July 21-25
Week 8 - July 28-August 1

Rising 2-6 Activity Plans:
Week 1 - June 2-6
Week 2 - June 9-13
Week 3 - June 16-20
Week 4 - June 23-27
Week 5 - July 7-11
Week 6 - July 14-18
Week 7 - July 21-25
Week 8 - July 28-August 1

Family Events

Session One Family Event - June 13 from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM: Let’s Play Ball!  We invite all Hawk Ridge Campers and their families to join us at Hammond’s Baseball Stadium and participate in a friendly softball game. A variety of stadium snacks will be provided. Be sure to bring your lucky glove! More information will be provided closer to the scheduled event.

Session Two Family Event - July 25 from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM: Fiesta, Fiesta!  We invite all Hawk Ridge Campers and their families to join us for a late afternoon of salsa dancing! A variety of dips with chips will be provided. More information will be provided closer to the scheduled event.

Hollywood Premieres

We have two summer sessions for our Hawk Ridge Camp. Families and friends are invited to attend these performances free of charge! We do provide families and friends that are unable to attend these performances with the ability to watch it live, or later “On Demand” through Hammond’s HawkVision.

Summer Session I: Monday, June 2 – Friday, June 27, 2014
Performance Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014 in the Bank of America Theatre at 5:00 PM; doors open at 4:30 PM.

Summer Session II: Monday, July 7 – Friday, August 1, 2014
Performance Date: Thursday, July 31, 2014 in the Bank of America Theatre at 5:00 PM; doors open at 4:30 PM.

Kevin N. White, Ed.S.
Director of Summer Programs

Tari Goodwin, Summer Programs Coordinator

Kate Woodham, Summer Programs Coordinator

 Summer Programs Office: 803.776.0295, ext. 2002 
Fax: 803.776.4808

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