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Red Circle of Loyalty

Thank you to the following Red Circle of Loyalty members who have generously given to Hammond School.  These donors have made a gift to Hammond for eight or more years. Consistent giving – at any level – is the bedrock of maintaining a high-quality full school program.  Hammond trustees, administrators, faculty, and students recognize and deeply appreciate the many ways that our donors contribute to the life of the school.  The gracious support of our friends ensures a bright and promising future for every Hammond student. 

Mrs. Alice P. Adams '87 and
Mr. Jason W. Adams '86
Mr. and Mrs. Everette S. Ketchum III
Ms. Kendall Corley Adams '88 Ms. Linda A. Khoury
Mrs. Renee W. Adams '86 and
Mr. Leland Turner Adams '85
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Killey
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Agee Mr. and Mrs. George S. King
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marion D. Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Chip King
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Anderson Mr. J. Bruce King, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Anderson III Mrs. Juliana E. King '94 and Mr. Robert N. King
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Angel Mrs. Anne H. Kissam '84
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto R. Archilla Mrs. Dial S. Kitchens and Mr. Clifton J. Kitchens '82
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Armato Mr. and Mrs. W. James Kitchens
Drs. Henry W. and Frances S. Asbill Mrs. Kathryn L. Kitchens '85 and
Mr. W. J. Kitchens, Jr. '80
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Ashley Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kleitches
Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Augenstein Mrs. Harriet B. Kneece '77 and
Mr. Robert E. Kneece, Jr. '77
Mr. William D. Austin Mrs. Bridget F. Kneece and
Mr. Rexford P. Kneece '83
Dr. and Mrs. J. Lee Ayers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Dowl Knight
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Babson '84 and
Mr. John A. Babson '83
Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. Knox, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Baker Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Kocher
Mr. James T. Ballew Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kristinik
Bank of America Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kuhne
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Barbier III Dr. and Mrs. M. T. Laffitte, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Barks Dr. Helen H. Laffitte and
Dr. M. Tucker Laffitte III '75
Mr. William C. Barksdale, Jr. Mr. Norris L. Laffitte '76
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Barnett Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Porter G. Barron, Sr. Mr. Edward W. Laney IV '78
Ms. Julia A. Bass Mr. and Mrs. William H. Latham
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Beard Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Layer
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Beighley Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. League
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Besley, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Patrick G. LeBozec
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rikard Best Mrs. Henrietta T. Lee
Mr. William H. Best Mr. and Mrs. Barto L. Lehman
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Bethea Dr. and Mrs. Mark K. Lencke
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bethea Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lewis
Mrs. Joy A. Bethea and
Mr. Robert P. Bethea, Jr. '89
Ms. Ellen E. Lightsey '04
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bethea Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Lightsey III
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bettis Mr. and Mrs. R. Laine Ligon
Mr. and Mrs. Vance J. Bettis Mr. R. Laine Ligon, Jr. '95
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Bickley Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Lipsitz
Mrs. Krista B. Birchmore '81 Mr. and Mrs. George R. Little
Mrs. Charles M. Black Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Lockwood
Mrs. Susan M. Black and
Mr. Charles M. Black, Jr. '80
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Long
Mr. David S. Black '84 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Long III
Mr. Thomas W. Black '88 Mrs. Howard G. Love
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Blackmon, Jr. Mrs. Ashley M. Love '85 and Mr. H. McQueen Love
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Bland Dr. Mark A. Lovern
Mrs. Wilmarie H. Boatwright Mrs. Maggie M. Lumpkin '96 and
Mr. Joseph H. Lumpkin III '96
Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Bogan Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank Lundy
Mr. R. Trippett Boineau, Jr. '73 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lybrand, Jr.
Mrs. Katherine Boozer Boone '91 Mr. and Mrs. P. Edward Lyday III
Mr. L. Dale Boozer Mr. and Mrs. T. Stephen Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Borden Mr. and Mrs. Mattison J. MacGillivray
Mr. and Mrs. Darren J. Bouknight Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Mack
Mr. and Mrs. M. Johnson Bowen, Jr. Ms. Lucy M. Mahon '94
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Boyd Mrs. Amanda G. Malanuk and
Dr. Robert M. Malanuk '88
Dr. and Mrs. A. McKay Brabham III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Mancke
Mrs. Heather R. Brabham and
Mr. Angus M. Brabham IV '90
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mann III
Mrs. Carole R. Brabham '93 and
Mr. Heyward C. Brabham '94
Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Manning, Jr.
Mr. William W. Brabham '97 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Manning
Mr. James W. Braddock Dr. and Mrs. M. Christopher Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Len Bradley Dr. J. Franklin Martin, Jr.
Mrs. Joan B. Brady Mrs. Janice K. Martin
Dr. C. Lynwood Bramlett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. McComas
Mrs. Sharon C. Bramlett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. McCue
Mrs. Ashley B. Brantley '88 and
Mr. Benjamin E. Brantley '88
Mr. and Mrs. B. Kevin McCutchen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brantley Mr. George T. McCutchen III '90
Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Brewer Mr. and Mrs. George L. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Michel Briquet Mrs. Jodie P. McDougall '75 and
Mr. John O. McDougall
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Bristow Mrs. Tammy McElveen and
Mr. William P. McElveen, Jr. '76
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lee Brown Mrs. Jodie W. McLean and Mr. Pierre de Lucy
Mr. and Mrs. Terry S. Brown Dr. William G. McMaster, Jr. '02
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bruner Mr. and Mrs. William G. McMaster
Mrs. Jenni T. Bryson '81 CPT Phillips L. McWilliams '01
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hugh Burgess Dr. and Mrs. William R. McWilliams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Burkett Mr. W. Reece McWilliams III '99
Ms. Lynn M. Butler Dr. and Mrs. Wilson Greene McWilliams
Dr. and Mrs. William Cain, Jr. Mrs. Angeline W. Mealing '88 and
Mr. Bret M. Mealing
Mrs. William C. Campbell Dr. Julia K. Mikell and Mr. I. Jenkins Mikell III '85
Mrs. Raymond L. Campbell Mr. Harry W. Miley, Jr.
Mrs. Lalla Lee Laffitte Campsen '82 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Miller
Mrs. J. Willis Cantey Mrs. Frances K. Mills '78 and Mr. M. Burgess Mills, Jr.
Mr. J. Willis Cantey III '92 Mrs. Helen S. Mills
Mr. John C. Cantey '74 Mr. J. Christopher Mills
Dr. and Mrs. C. Brett Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Miot III
Mrs. Caroline M. Cartin '94 Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Moon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Caruk Mr. Steven T. and Dr. Kathleen F. Moon
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Caskey Mr. George F. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie L. Cason, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cassels, Jr. Mrs. Mahalie D. Moore '93 and Mr. Charles F. Moore
Mrs. Libby L. Castles '78 and
Dr. C. Guy Castles '79
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Caswell Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Morath
Mr. Charles H. Cate, Jr. '82 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Morgan
Mrs. Betsy L. Chambers Dr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Morrison III
Mr. and Mrs. W. Watson Chamblin Dr. and Mrs. W. Pratt Mounfield
Mrs. Lisa M. Chapman '78 and
Mr. John F. Chapman III '78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mundy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Commodore Charles, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Stewart Mungo
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Mungo
Mrs. Bernita Childs Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Choate Mr. Jonathan H. Nason
Dr. and Mrs. Jim C. Chow Mrs. Leigh M. Nason
Mrs. Andrea R. Clarke and
Mr. Edward S. Clarke '88
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Neal
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker Clarke Mrs. Barbara Jean B. Nelson '76 and
Mr. Michael L. Nelson
Mrs. N. Heyward Clarkson, Jr. Drs. Francis and Mary Neuffer
Mrs. Barbara K. Cobb Dr. and Mrs. Mitch Newman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Cobb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Nidiffer
Dr. and Mrs. A. Atwell Coleman III Mrs. Lee Anne M. Nidiffer '84 and
Mr. David B. Nidiffer, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen B. Corontzes '75 and
Mr. Dino A. Corontzes
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Simms Oliphant, Jr.
Mrs. L. Arlen Cotter Mrs. Beth R. Oliver and Mr. G. Hampton Oliver '85
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Cotter and
Mr. Leslie A. Cotter, Jr. '76
Mr. W. Hampton Oliver
Mr. James R. Courie Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Otis
Mrs. Yolanda C. Courie Mr. Patrick E. Otis '96
Ms. Latan C. Cox '84 Dr. William L. Otis III '87
Mr. C. E. Creason III '78 Mrs. Franklyn D. Owen, Jr.
Mrs. Claude E. Creason, Jr. Mrs. Susan C. Owen and
Mr. Franklyn D. Owen III '83
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Crooks, Jr. Mrs. Laura Z. Owen and Mr. George W. Owen '88
Mrs. Jane R. Crosby '77 Mrs. Pride E. Owens '83 and Mr. Timothy B. Owens
Dr. and Mrs. Hal H. Crosswell, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Owings, Jr.
Mrs. Jill L. Crosswell and
Dr. H. Holland Crosswell III '84
Mr. Jay J. Park
Dr. William F. Crosswell and
Dr. Caroline G. Crosswell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Parrish
Mrs. Louise Pearce Cruea '95 Mr. and Mrs. Willie L. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gray T. Culbreath Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Paysinger
Dr. and Mrs. U. X. Cullum, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn H. Peake
Mr. and Mrs. E. Patrick Cutler Mr. and Mrs. L. Gregory Pearce
Dr. Sandford H. Daniel and Dr. Beverly W. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pearlstine
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Daniels Dr. Silas N. Pearman III '83
Mrs. James D. Daniels Mrs. Rebecca D. Penland '82 and
Mr. Michael E. Penland
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. T. Darnall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petersen
Dr. and Mrs. E. M. DaSilva Mrs. Sue J. Phelps '85 and Mr. Thomas R. Phelps
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. DaSilva Mr. and Mrs. Adrian R. Pinasco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davidson Mrs. Frances A. Plyler '79 and
Dr. William E. Plyler, Jr.
Mrs. Donnelly R. Davidson and
Mr. Robert G. Davidson, Jr. '85
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Poole II
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davidson II Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pope
Mr. Charles M. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Power, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Davis III Mr. G. T. Powers III '85
Dr. and Mrs. Myles D. Davis Mrs. Phyllis R. Price and Mr. Fred L. Price, Jr. '71
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis Mrs. Melissa C. Prickett '81 and
Dr. Dalton S. Prickett '79
Mr. and Mrs. William E. DeLoache III Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Priester
Mrs. Phyllis Lawter Dennis Mrs. Fredna S. Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Derrick Mr. and Mrs. William A. Prince
Mrs. Ed M. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Michael Purday
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Dickey Mrs. Dorothy M. Rabon
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus M. Dixon Dr. D. Paul Ragan
Mr. D. Marcus Dobbs Mrs. Dargan McMaster Rain '04
Ms. Dianne J. Dobbs Mrs. Cathy C. Ramsey and
Mr. Marshall C. Ramsey III '85
Ms. Patricia S. Dod Ms. Virginia C. Ravenel '84
Mrs. Anne C. Draffin Mr. and Mrs. C. Lockman Reddic
Mrs. Paula B. Drafts and Mr. Alex F. Drafts '78 Mr. and Mrs. Wells W. Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dreesen Dr. and Mrs. R. Neal Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl G. Driggers Mrs. Donald V. Richardson III
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh H. DuBose Dr. and Mrs. J. Huger Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Dukes Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Riley III
Mrs. Ellen P. Dukes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Roach
Mr. Mark C. Dukes Mr. and Mrs. C. Pinckney Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dunne Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Roberts
Ms. Sylvia H. Easler Mr. and Mrs. Redic E. Robinson III
Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Edens Ms. Anna L. Ross '03
Mrs. Cynthia R. Edens '91 and
Mr. Michael E. Edens '94
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Ross, Jr.
Mrs. Beverly L. Edgell Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Runge, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Edmunds, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Sandifer
Mrs. Paige G. Edwards '86 Mrs. Mary Ellen H. Saxon '81
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Ehreth SCANA Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Elenz Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Schraibman
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Elfering Mrs. Aimee L. Schraibman and
Mr. Michael C. Schraibman '83
Mrs. Katherine B. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Greg M. Schuch
Mrs. Eleanor E. Ellison '79 and Mr. Alfred G. Ellison III Mrs. Lynda Barker Schultz '78
Mr. Christopher L. Elser Ms. Kathie L. Schumpert
Mrs. Elaine F. Epting '77 and
Mr. Randolph B. Epting
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Eynon III Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Scott
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Fairey Mrs. Anne R. Seabrook '78 and
Dr. March E. Seabrook
Mrs. Deans R. Fawcett '81 and
Mr. Peter G. Fawcett
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Selig
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Felmly Mrs. Ann Louise Paysinger Shuler '82
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Fiedler Lt. General and Mrs. E. G. Shuler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Folline, Sr. Mrs. Janet M. Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Folsom Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Simmons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruskin C. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fowler Mrs. Katherine Moore Smith '97
Mrs. Anne C. Fowler '90 and
Mr. William P. Fowler, Jr. '89
Mrs. Joye R. Smith and Mr. Kenneth T. Smith, Jr. '73
Mrs. Jane M. Francis and
Mr. William W. Francis '69
Mrs. Lynn McAlister Smith '83
Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Freeman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Todd Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Friedman Mrs. Margaret Rinehart Smith '75
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Gandy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Stevenson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Gantt Mr. Paul M. Smith '89
Mr. Frederick H. Gantt III '83 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Gettys, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Snyder
Mrs. Mary M. Gettys Ms. Cynthia A. Spake
Mrs. Ethel G. Gibbes and
Mr. George F. Gibbes '74
Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Spotts
Mrs. LeConte Gibbes Dr. Katherine D. Steck '79
Mr. and Mrs. Bartow B. Gilbert, Jr. Ms. Caroline H. Stephenson
Mr. Thomas F. Gillette and Ms. Sharon A. Dantzler Mrs. Fran Martin Stevenson '72
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Glenn, Jr. Mr. Jimmy C. Stevenson '71
Mrs. Linell M. Goodall and
Mr. D. Christian Goodall '75
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Stidham III
Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Goodall Mr. and Mrs. W. Alvo Stokes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Woodrow Gooding Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKee Stone
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Goudelock II Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Strasburger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grantland Mr. Scott C. Strohecker '92
Dr. Amy E. Green '84 and Dr. W. Nettles Green Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Stuart, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greenbaum Ms. Kerry G. Stubbs '90
Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation Mrs. Frances F. Stuckey '80 and Mr. Mark T. Stuckey
Mrs. Sherri S. Greenberg '78 and Mr. Bruce H. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Gregory Mr. James E. Swan IV '79
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett D. Griffin, Sr. Mrs. Sherry T. Tadlock '75 and
Mr. Charles L. Tadlock
Dr. Thomas P. Gross and Ms. Susan E. Hamilton Target Take Charge of Education
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gunn Mrs. Amanda W. Taylor '82 and
Mr. Joe Earl Taylor, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Toufic R. Haddad Mrs. Ruth J. Taylor '81 and Mr. Lawrence M. Taylor
Mrs. Jennifer F. Hall '81 and Mr. Eugene E. Hall III Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Teeter
Mr. Mark S. Hall and Mrs. Nancy White Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Theodore
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Hanna Mrs. Nancy D. Theus '75 and
Mr. William H. Theus '74
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun R. Thomas III
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Harpe II Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thomas
Mr. Andrew B. Harper Mr. Dean L. Thompson '81
Mrs. Bettie W. Hart and Mr. Henri G. Hart '73 Mr. and Mrs. Rupert L. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. LeGrande Harvin Mrs. M. Elizabeth Tighe '82 and
Mr. J. Hagood Tighe '83
Mrs. Lane Trzcinski Haselden '88 and
Mr. William M. Haselden
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Todd, Jr.
Mrs. Lee R. Heath and Mr. J. Cantey Heath '77 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Todd
Ms. Marjorie L. Heggie '79 and
Mr. David S. Estefano
Mr. and Mrs. Jason K. Tompkins
Ms. Katherine Dudley Helms Mr. and Mrs. David G. Traylor, Jr.
Mrs. Alicia S. Higgins '79 and
Mr. William O. Higgins '79
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eben Trobaugh
Ms. Dawn W. Hiller '84 Dr. and Mrs. Devin J. Troyer
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hines, Jr. Miss Elizabeth Tuller '77
Mr. and Mrs. S. Oliver Hines Mr. and Mrs. James F. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hodges Mrs. Lisa B. Ulmer '82 and Mr. Richard M. Ulmer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Holladay Mrs. Amelia Watson Usry '76 and Mr. Ira P. Usry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Holmes, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralston B. Vanzant
Mrs. Susan H. Hood and Mr. S. Mark Hood '76 Ms. Dallas McGuire Verner
Mrs. Alline G. Hope Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Wade
Mr. Donald W. Hope Mr. and Mrs. John J. Waite
Mrs. Randolph W. Hope Mr. and Mrs. E. Craig Waites
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Hopkins, Jr. Mrs. Donna L. Waites and
Mr. E. Craig Waites, Jr. '88
Dr. and Mrs. Truman A. Hopkins Mrs. Cary K. Walden '84
Mr. and Mrs. William Hornsby Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Walker, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Eric A. Horst Mrs. Shannon N. Walker '95 and
Mr. Edward P. Walker '93
Mr. and Mrs. R. Davis Howser Mrs. Elizabeth H. Walker '85
Ms. Rebecca S. Howser '92 Mr. and Mrs. Felix D. Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hubbard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. John S. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hudson Mrs. Tracie O. Walker and Mr. Joseph Walker II '72
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hydrick Dr. Louise A. Wallace
Mrs. Libby Anne Inabinet '82 and
Mr. Jeffrey W. Inabinet
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Walter
International Paper Company Foundation Ms. E. Louise Warth
Dr. and Mrs. C. Warren Irvin, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Barton Wassermann
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Iselin Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wassermann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Jackson Mrs. Brenda I. Way
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. James Mr. P. Dennis Way
Dr. Hugh T. James '81 Mr. and Mrs. Hayden W. Weathersbee
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jenkins Mrs. J. Elizabeth Wells '80 and Mr. Jerry F. Wells, Jr.
Mrs. Heather M. Jenkins and
Dr. George A. Jenkins III '84
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Wells, Jr.
Mrs. Janelle Cotter Jenkins '80 Mrs. Elizabeth V. Wells '77 and Dr. John A. Wells III '78
Mrs. Anne S. Jenkins '87 and
Dr. Spencer J. Jenkins '85
Drs. Jeffrey and Robin Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Marc H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Sidney O. White
Mrs. Sara Hunt L. Johnson '93 Mr. Mack I. Whittle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Johnston III Dr. and Mrs. G. Darryl Wieland
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Terence Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn K. Jordan, Jr. Mrs. Florence Price Willoch '81
Mrs. Paula B. Joseph '83 Mr. and Mrs. Adrian N. Wilson
Mr. J. Michael Kapp Mrs. Cherry A. Winegard
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Kapp Mr. Raymond M. Winegard, Jr. '83
Mrs. Jill V. Kapp and Dr. Lloyd M. Kapp, Jr. '89 Dr. and Mrs. Bartlett J. Witherspoon IV
Mrs. Margaret G. Kapp Drs. John E. and Elizabeth D. Wofford
Mrs. Adair Floyd Keenan '78 Mrs. Katherine C. Wolfe '73 andMr. Jack W. Wolfe
Mrs. Suzanne L. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wolpert
Mrs. Walter M. Keenan, Sr. Mrs. Rainey Rembert Woodward '80
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Keenan II Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Woody
Mrs. Mary Moore Keever '93 Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson Wynne '80
Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Kemper III Dr. Carl D. Yates
Mr. Calhoun L. Kennedy, Jr. '85 Mrs. Cheryl A. Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kennedy, Jr. Dr. Greta C. Zimmerman
Mr. Thomas H. P. Kennedy '90 Mr. and Mrs. Dieter zur Loye
Mrs. Ann D. Kepley  



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